Never Fear! Kudlow is Working At Full Speed

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  1. “He was later seen with white powder all over the front of his mask, muttering something about “They’re right, these masks inhibit breathing and other normal bodily functions like hoovering rails”

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    “You mix the lime with the coconut, and drink em both up;
    You mix quinine with some clorox, and guzzle that down,
    You mix quicklime with some Diet Coke, and then you feel much bedda
    You mix the potions with some notion of how you might get deader,

    And say “Doctor, ain’t there nuthin I can do?”
    You say, “Doctor, ain’t there nuthin I can take, to ease this belly-ache?”

    And the Dr say, “Ain’t nuthin but a hoax,”
    And he say, “I’m right here to be your coach.”
    “Now mix the lime with the coconut…..”

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  3. ali redford says:

    Aww! Thank you! I never get to say a good thing here, because all the good things have always been said by the rest of the Scissorheads! I’m humbly honored!

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Ali – you are indispensable. I say a lot of stupid shit shit on here, and often get discouraged because sometimes my references to other weird shite doesn’t seem to get noticed, at least the comments that don’t get any likes…………except from you, and I know it’s because you get my subtle wit,when it’s not delivered via sledgehammer. And the considerate comments you make indicate that you are, indeed, and thought and word, an incorrigible spitballer.
      Thanks for hittin that like button so often; it’s lifted my spirits more times than I can tell you.

      Blog bless you, and keep you safe, doing what you do best – being you.

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    • Ali, I can always rely on you to like my comments! That’s valuable!

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