Eva Braun and Hitler do NOT have COVID-19

If you genuinely believe Trump has Coronavirus, why? Has he ever been forthcoming or honest about anything? Have we ever seen him do something that didn’t serve his agenda? Shouldn’t we ask ourselves if this declaration is tied to an end-game?

Let’s go back to the debates… Unless you were raised by narcissists or in a relationship with a narcissist, there’s a good chance the debate made you sick in ways you didn’t understand. Or, felt that old coping mechanisms resurfaced out of nowhere. Perhaps you had a freeze response.  

For many, the debates were traumatizing. In fact, over the past four-years, what many Americans might not realize, is that we’ve been under siege in a way that’s deeply impacting our brains and bodies.

Here’s a short-list of what sadistic narcissists do:

  • enjoy hurting others
  • enjoy watching others experience pain
  • derive sexual excitement from seeing others in pain
  • spend a lot of time fantasizing about hurting other people, even if they don’t actually do so
  • want to hurt others when irritated or angry
  • enjoy humiliating others, especially in public situations
  • tend toward aggressive actions or behavior
  • behave in controlling or domineering ways

Because the behavior is jarring and incomprehensible, as humans, we need to cope, so we normalize, or try to rationalize the behavior. We need to make it fit into our psyche, that’s our priority. Check it out.

While Trump’s narcissism is destructive on a cellular level, he’s also a dumb ass Goldfish. Saying he has COVID will bite him in his big pear shaped ass (I only make weight jokes about him). His goal is to create more chaos about COVID. His base might be confused, but the minute Hair Piece hits twitter to discuss Rona as a ‘flu’ and ‘no big deal’, the Proud Boys will gleefully watch others jerk off.

Presently, the MSM continues to screw up coverage of Trump. Have you noticed that since Hitler’s tweet about having COVID, the MSM are being empathetic while ramping up false equivalencies to Biden? I have. From that lens, the MSM will only make things worse. (Sidebar: Why the fuck haven’t news networks hired forensic psychiatrists to teach the MSM how to cover Trump?)

He’s also trying to bury stories about his horrendous debate performance, appeal to the elderly, and dodge a second debate with Biden. A side benefit is burying this little gem about Melanomia. I think part of the end-game is trying to stall the election and flip the narrative about COVID, among other things. Maybe this is his October surprise.

Like everything Trump does, this is just another con. Still. I’d love to see him inject himself with disinfectant.

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21 Responses to Eva Braun and Hitler do NOT have COVID-19

  1. lofgren says:

    He’s just trying to use up his sick days before he gives his two weeks notice.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    That Russian hooker’s not wearing any underwear.

    I do not for one single minute believe Donald J Drumpf uck, Jenious, and his second Russian hooker have contracted the Trump Virus. “Sleepy” Joe isn’t backing out of the debates, isn’t backing down; the Retards (look it up) are losing all across the country and have practically admitted to and begged for more Russian interference in this election … It’s time for a distraction, a Grand Illusion.

    Takes him out of the limelight for a week or two, at which point he can claim it wasn’t so bad, just like the flu – the Trump Flu – and only losers die.

    Now drink your fish-tank cleanser and get back to work, it’s a campaign stunt.

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  3. T-Reg says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. He has plenty of time to come out and say “See? I TOLD ya it was no worse than the flu. It’s not even as bad as the flu! Those 200,000+ people all died of TruckNutz disease. Trump 2028, MAGA,A,A,A”.

    As for forensic psychiatrists, they’d have a lot of work in the MSM itself.

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  4. ONce you understand that to a large degree the Political MSM are degenerate gamblers, desperate to have a horse race close enough to be gratifying, why they do the things they do is a LOT more apparent.

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    • Great point. What I cannot reconcile is this, (1) In addition to Russia, Comey, etc., the MSM helped plant Cuntsicle in office. (2) They have learned nothing about how to cover a freaking narc like Trump and I can’t figure out why.

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      • That’s because for most of them, they’re not in any group that’s actually been harmed by his policies, coupled with their 24-year hate-on for Hillary. They saw trump as a great show. (Jeff Zucker, the President of CNN said so explicitly, in fact) He was a ‘Reality TeeVee star’ and this was the ultimate in Reality TeeVee. Great entertainment after 8 years of No-Drama Obama. Boooring!

        2016 was also a black-swan election in many ways, I don’t even think that Trump actually expected to win…I honestly thought he had run his whole campaign so as to pivot to Trump News Channel when “Crooked Hillary and the Dems cheated him out of his win” because The Apprentice was pretty much over, and that show and the licensing that flowed from it’s success had been his only source of real income (we now know). He intended to use his MAGA followers as the cash machine he’s done since then, just putting is all in his pockets.

        Don’t forget his win was produced by a margin of as few as 30,000 votes in a handful of precincts in a few states. This is where voter suppression and Russian-amplified support for 3rd party candidates actually made the difference.

        It is the Standard Democratic Position that we’re battling another 2016-level extinction event, but honestly, after the utterly craptacular job the MSM did predicting the 2018 vote (iirc they were giving even odds for the House staying in Republican hands as late as election day…) I don’t think this year’s election is going to be anywhere near as close as 2016 was. The GOP knows this too, or they wouldn’t be mounting such a massive and panicky assault on voting.

        They are the ones looking at ‘extinction-level’ events, and if we manage to capture enough state legislatures, we’ll be able to undo their gerrymandered power to rule as a minority. They know this. That is why the panic.

        Look at AZ, for example. In 2000 we passed an initiative turning redistricting over to a non-partisan independent panel. The R’s running the lege fought it bitterly come 2010 and lost. Arizona becoming ‘purple’ is not really due to an influx of migration or changing demographics, just a consequence of a fair and impartial redistricting. The GOP knows that if things are done in a fair manner….they will lose, because they’ve staked out positions far, FAR to the right of most of the country.

        The MSM is heavily biased to the right in this country (in that they give a huge amount of more airtime to right-wing views), and I expect they’ll be blindsided again.

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DETAILED EXPLANATION. Now, I get it. You’re right. I never thought of the mainstream media as biased towards the right. Since Trump, they did an atrocious job. Everything you said makes so much sense. Thank you, Bruce. Be safe. Katie

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  5. YellowDog says:

    It briefly crossed my mind that this was a phony announcement–covfefe 19–to get out of the remaining debates, but I don’t think this walking clusterfuck could pull it off. It would take too much planning and secrecy, none of which this WH is capable of accomplishing. All of the sentient beings have been purged, and Haberman still has her sources (Ivanka). This is not Palin faking a pregnancy in the remote confines of Alaska. The whole world is watching. More importantly, this is not a good look in the middle of a campaign that is trying to downplay the pandemic.

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  6. laura says:

    Well this post went stale toot suite.

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  7. roket says:

    We won’t know for sure whether the lying liar is lying until he gets eaten by the wolf. Until he gets eaten by the wolf, he’s still just crying wolf and being his lying liar self.

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  8. spotthedog says:

    I’d be watching for a Trump plan to get suddenly loaded with Trump-trash and take off for Saudi Arabia.


  9. Bruce388 says:

    There are reasons to be skeptical about this. More than 20,000 reasons.

    Here are three reasons it might be real:

    He slept on the plane flying home after the debate which never happens;
    He was very lethargic at his NJ Klanfest.
    He LOVES his Klanfests so he wouldn’t miss them willingly.


  10. You’d have to believe all of Walter Reed would be in on it … so, this (and other similar factors) leads me to believe (after initially disbelieving as well) this puts us on the precipice of a dream come true.


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