It’s a Q-Spiracy, I Tells Ya, Part the Infinity

Because of course this happened:

A Member Of Congress Is Facing Death Threats After QAnon Went After Him

WASHINGTON — Last month, the House Republican campaign committee falsely accused Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski of lobbying to “protect sexual predators.”

On Tuesday, followers of QAnon — a collective delusion that alleges President Donald Trump is fighting a Satanist cabal of elites who abuse children — targeted him, leading to death threats.

Somewhere in there is the famous Podesta Bolognese Sauce, in the non-existent basement of a pizza parlor that serves [checks notes] hot dogs.

Malinowski had coauthored a bipartisan resolution last month that would have the House formally condemn QAnon and on Tuesday he was the subject of a “Q drop” — conspiracy-filled, false messages posted to message boards from the self-proclaimed US government insider to their followers. The post included a screenshot of Malinowski’s resolution, but it also capitalized on a press releasefrom the National Republican Campaign Committee that falsely alleged that Malinowski “lobbied to protect sexual predators,” along with the message, “Those who scream the loudest…”

“THE PODESTA BOLOGNESE SAUCE IS TOO DAMN HOT!!1!,” roared Old Scratch. “Someone get me some hoomin milk!”

Malinowski received multiple death threats on Tuesday after the Q post went up, he and his office told BuzzFeed News. The NRCC’s press release — as well as a TV ad the group is running against the New Jersey Democrat falsely accusing him of “helping sexual predators hide in the shadows” — echo a baseless conspiracy theory frequently used by QAnon followers that powerful Democrats and global elites are engaged in child trafficking. The ad, which has been repeatedlydebunked, includes a narrator saying, “Tom Malinowski chose sex offenders over your family.”

If you knew my family, you would too, and I wouldn’t blame you.

OK, all the kidding aside, but these weak-brained conspiracy theorists already had one person arrested and convicted after he charged into the Pizza Parlor. Threatening the life of a Member of Congress is (not surprisingly) a felony. These people might think they are doing the Lord’s Work, but in actuality it seems more a like Darwin Awards movie trailer.

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  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The Tea Party just didn’t provide enough of a buzz, QAnon is the future of the Republican Party.

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  2. roket says:

    I’m wondering how many of those who phoned in their death threats from Possum Hollar used their personal cell phones. 100%? No? Yes!

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