The Resistance Is Everywhere

I love this:

“This summer, as controversial new procedures at the U.S. Postal Service snarled the nation’s mail delivery and stirred fears of how the agency would handle the election, rank-and-file workers quietly began to resist.

“Mechanics in New York drew out the dismantling and removal of mail-sorting machines until their supervisor gave up on the order. In Michigan, a group of letter carriers did an end run around a supervisor’s directive to leave election mail behind, starting their routes late to sift through it. In Ohio, postal clerks culled prescriptions and benefit checks from bins of stalled mail to make sure they were delivered, while some carriers ran late items out on their own time. In Pennsylvania, some postal workers looked for any excuse — a missed turn, heavy traffic, a rowdy dog — to buy enough time to finish their daily rounds.”

When this era is over, I hope someone writes up a history of the Resistance; the USPS deserves a chapter. They really are heroes.

I also hope that if we are victorious that the Dems take this opportunity to undo all the damage the GOP has done to the USPS over the years, and strengthens and hardens their protections from being eff’ed with ever again.

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4 Responses to The Resistance Is Everywhere

  1. purplehead says:

    A friend, who lives in NYC, emailed the following vignette this morning:

    Though I live in the densely populated NYC, I am very friendly with my postal carriers. Our main person is named Carleton, which reminds me of the tv character in “Rhoda.” He always asks how I am feeling, and, of course, I do give him some $$ at Christmas. This is pretty standard here, but maybe those who are friendly with their postal carriers, could give them some kind of holiday gift. Particularly this year, since they have all been working under so much stress due to Trump’s appointment of Mr. DeJoy. On my neighborhood website, someone posted a report of going down to her lobby and finding her postal carrier, with whom she and her family were friendly, sobbing and shedding tears. When inquired about what was causing this state of despair, the postal carrier replied that she was so distressed because of all of our neighborhood’s mail piling up in the Post Office and not being delivered.

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  2. GranDude says:

    Union workers know how to union.

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  3. Oneofthebobs says:

    The commitment of most of the folks who work in the postal service is exceptional. A good friend of mine who recently retired after 33 years delivering the mail told me, “They can’t shut down the postal service; nobody knows how it works!”. I think she’s right.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    I truly believe the “commonfolk” would burn tRump right the hell outta the White House, if he DID try to completely shut down the USPS, or even sabotage them severely.

    And the rank-and-file folks are the ONLIEST ones who truly understand how it operates. After all, the BoG is just part of of the Swamp, n’est-ce-pás?

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