Trump-Virus News From *cough* Floriduh

FL Gov. Ron Desantis wants his state to be a super-spreader:

[FL Gov. Ron DeSantis] lifted state restrictions for restaurants and many other businesses on Friday as the state moved into the next reopening phase. Mr. DeSantis, a Republican and avid supporter of President Trump who spoke at the president’s rally in Jacksonville on Thursday, signed the order, allowing restaurants and many other businesses as soon as Friday afternoon to operate at full capacity as part of Phase 3 of his administration’s reopening plan. “We’re not closing anything going forward,” the governor said at a midday news conference in St. Petersburg.

Mr. DeSantis refused to mandate mask usage in the state, insisting that such a decision should be left up to local governments. Yet his administration has increasingly stepped in to prevent counties from imposing more stringent virus restrictions. Many of Florida’s largest counties are run by Democrats….

Under the state’s reopening plan, Phase 3 allows for bars and nightclubs to operate at full capacity “with limited social distancing protocols.” It was unclear immediately how the order would affect Miami-Dade County, the county hardest-hit by the virus, which has kept bars and nightclubs closed since March.

Seriously, how can the rest of the South compete with that kind of sun-baked crazy? But he wasn’t done!

DeSantis also proposed some new laws that:

  • participating in protests that result in property damage or blocked roads a felony
  • donating money to protesters a potential violation of racketeering laws
  • “protections to people who drive cars into crowds of protesters, even if someone is injured or killed.”

The crazee state contest has many challengers, but Floriduh remains in the lead!

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6 Responses to Trump-Virus News From *cough* Floriduh

  1. Smarter Floridians will stay home, try to maintain social distancing and wear a mask when they to out for groceries and meds, and watch the devolution of the state’s social structure. Good times.

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    • Karla says:

      That’s my plan.
      My office is liable to take it as a push to get us all back in person. I’m too old to look for another job, so I’ll just cough on the phone a lot, I guess.


  2. MDavis says:

    “protections to people who drive cars into crowds of protesters, even if someone is injured or killed.” **

    ** will not apply to tRump rallyes.

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  3. donnah says:

    DeSantis is so far up Trump’s ass that the oxygen to his brain now consists of fart gas. No way should any governor be doing any of these things. It will kill thousands more of his constituents and of course he’ll hide behind faked numbers for Covid counts.

    Please, Floridians, ignore this moron and protect yourselves. And vote for Biden.

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  4. This is all; part of burning the fucking country down because they know they’re losing the election.

    They’re going to gift Biden with a raging epidemic, millions dead and blame it all on him like they blamed Obama for the economic crisis. Then they have their stacked courts to block anything he tries to do to fix it.

    And our craven, obsequious, cowardly media public stenographers for the right wing will go right along. They STILL CANNOT USE THE WOIRD LIE when describing what the ‘president’ is saying.

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