38 Days To The Election

When fascism comes to the United States, it will be carrying a bible upside down and backwards and humping the flag – paraphrasing, of course.

Yay! It’s Saturday! Why it only seems like 10 years ago that Notorious RBG left us (in reality it was 8 days).

At 5PM eastern, aspiring fascist Prznint Lord Damp Nut will nominate Amy Coney Barrett (and yes, our failed political press is already calling her ACB) to the SCOTUS from Mel’s recently re–remodeled Rose Garden.

Don’t believe me? Tiger Beat’s Headline in their email thingie:

POLITICO Playbook: Trump will introduce ACB for RBG’s seat

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  1. julesmomcat says:

    Before Roe v. Wade, had ACB been raped, rape-impregnated, and forced to raise her rapist’s offspring, she’d be singing a different tune.

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  2. donnah says:

    When I heard that RBG died, I nearly threw up. Bless her heart, she fought harder and lasted longer than we should have asked her to, but we knew it would happen sooner than later. And she would be appalled but probably not surprised to see what would happen when she passed.

    The new Judge will be a polar opposite of our beloved RBG. She will probably be cautious at first, but with the ACA teed up, she’s going to do what she’s paid to do and tip the balance for Republicans. And in Ohio, our Right to Life crowd has a stack of bills lined up in lower courts and ready to send to the higher court. Roe v Wade will be under attack.

    So yeah, we’ve lost this battle. We must win the election and keep some kind of control.

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