News That Will Drive You to Drink (Champagne, that is)


‘Ready to Deliver:’ Read the Post Office’s Mandatory Pep Talk About Election Mail

According to the leaked speech, the USPS says it will undo nearly all of Louis DeJoy’s most controversial policies and make election mail its “number one priority.”

“…The memo, titled “Ready to deliver Election Mail for the nation,” comes after the USPS’s hand was forced. As the memo itself acknowledges, two separate federal judges issued injunctions requiring the USPS to roll back these policies, including limiting overtime and mandating rigid adherence to truck schedules even if mail was not on them. In the wake of those rulings, some mail sorting machines that had been deactivated but not disassembled were being reactivated across the country. A USPS spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Yes, everything is terrible, yet our USPS is bouncing back (at least until the election).

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4 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink (Champagne, that is)

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    ANY comeback, be it minor OR major, is well appreciated. I can remember prior to the Postal Reform Act, just south of my small city, the Postal Service had a processing facility in Petaluma that was declared “state of the art,” as it could sort, handle, and distribute such large volumes of mail as to be almost unthinkable, and they even changed Petaluma’s designation as THE major processing facility for every town, hamlet, village, what-have-you from north of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border, and even beyond, to NV, OR, WA and ID.

    You could mail a letter or package one day, and be assured that it would arrive within the confines of CA within 2 days, or across the country in less than a week, with the new barcode readers and automatic sorters doing most of the “heavy lifting.” Semi trucks were rolling in and out almost non-stop, due to the volume of correspondence being shifted from the old-time hand-sorting places in Oakland and Emeryville, and South SF.

    And then along came Congress, and in its infinite wisdom decided to “consolidate facilities and processing centers, in order to omit redundancies, and to ensure smoother operations,” so they closed that one down, and reopened hand-sorting facilities in Oakland and South San Francisco. So afterwards, if you wanted to send something from my town TO Petaluma, a distance of only 20 milles, which used to only take a day or two, it first had to travel many miles south, before coming back north in an extra day or 3. Anything heading north first had to travel south quite a ways, before getting put on a truck, which suddenly there were far fewer of, due to a new bidding process that eliminated many of those jobs, and slowed down delivery even more.

    The Building itself is still there, and operates as a collection & distribution center, and it has PO boxes, but the main function, and the majority of the space inside was long ago abandoned, after only a few years of useful service.

    And as it turns out, the hand-processing facilities were favored due to new rule of pre-paying every employee’s pension for 75 years into the future, or to have that same amount applied to his replacement, or his kids, or his grandkids………..who knows? The rules are ridiculous, and in such jumbled legalese that it’s hard to discern for us laymen, but the Rethuglicons definitely took the opportunity to once again try to prove that gov’t-run Services can’t be operated successfully, and therefore need to be taken over by Private Industry.

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  2. H-Bob says:

    Now Trump’s $200 copay cards to seniors can arrive before the election?

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  3. donnah says:

    Don’t mess with the Post Office, Trump. You have screwed us with Covid, sneered at BLM, ruined a hundred government offices, but the Post Office will prevail. And sometimes it takes just one straw to break the camel’s back. May this come back to bite you on your fat fanny in the form of millions of Biden votes by mail.


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