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Following up on The Atlantic article (again), our pals at Electoral Vote go long:

We have addressed many of the concerns that David and Gellman raise, and have been dismissive of most. However, Gellman builds a substantial part of his article around a semi-new concern, one that has gotten particular attention since The Atlantic posted his piece, and one that we would like to address. The general idea is that Team Trump will use the courts (or anything else at their disposal) to throw a wrench into the works, dragging things out, and affording state legislatures the necessary cover to announce that they will just award their state’s electoral votes by themselves, as the Constitution empowers them to do. In the worst case scenario, it could be a repeat of the Election of 1876, when many states submitted two different slates of electors, leaving Congress to figure out which slate to accept.

…and it seriously goes into a full-length, very-well sourced rebuttal featuring graphs and bullet lists and so on. It’s worth your time to read IF you were alarmed by the article itself.

The thing to remember is that Trump wouldn’t be going in this despotic direction if democracy wasn’t coming for his large, orange, incontinent ass.

Here’s the bottom line: your vote counts, and if Handsome Joe Biden wins an overwhelming number of votes, there is no after-the-vote scenario in which the election is stolen:

This whole analysis, of course, depends on Joe Biden winning most or all of the states the polls say he’s supposed to win. And we say again, it is certainly possible that Trump & Co. could actually pull off some of their plans and schemes. But we think it’s also important to point out just how difficult it will be to deprive Biden of enough wins to steal the presidency, if the Democratic nominee is entitled to those wins.

Elections are stolen by discouraging voting and disqualifying voters ahead of the election. Elections are not stolen after the vote. Don’t let it get close enough that Lord Damp Nut can muddy the waters with lawsuits and whatnot after the voting.

Now, get out the vote. You want to stop fascism in the United States, we have the only weapon we need: the ballot box. Get everyone and their brother to vote.

UPDATE 1: Axios

The big picture: Trump’s own advisers are providing a reality check: the Constitution makes it clear that, even if Trump chooses denial, if Joe Biden is elected president he will be president on Jan. 20.

  • “Trump can say ‘I don’t concede, I think it’s rigged,’ but he would not be the president,” a Trump legal adviser told Axios.


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4 Responses to VOTE!

  1. Czippie L'Shimp says:

    It is quite possible that, by the time I get to vote here in Southern California, most issues will be decided. For better or worse, we will have a good idea as to what the outcome will be.
    If we are ahead by 75%, I will vote
    If we are behind by 75% I will vote
    If our election is being subverted by forces outside our country, I will vote
    If our election is being subverted by forces inside our country, I will vote

    I wasn’t there to walk with Dr. King
    I wasn’t there to cross the bridge with Mr. Lewis
    This time, come hell or high water
    I WILL MAKE MY MARK on the right side of history

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    “You will lose. And you will go.

    This is United States of America. American democracy will not end because of Donald Trump.”
    – The Lincoln Project

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  3. Ellis Weiner says:

    Thanks, ‘grain. This helps. I’m sending to my worried friends.

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  4. revzafod says:

    Now that’s a perp walk I could watch on an endless loop.


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