Senator Lady G Had A Bad Day On Petunia & Pals

Sir, you are no gentleman.

Senatorette Lady G was having a fiddle-dee-dee fit on Petunia & Pals, begging for Ameros:

Well, Linds, maybe you should consider giving your constituents reasons to vote for you instead of against you? Just a thought?

Too late! —

Thanks for confirming what the GOP plan is, Lady G.

I am an Old, I guess, because I remember a time that the voters determined the winner and not the Supreme Court, Lindsey.

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11 Responses to Senator Lady G Had A Bad Day On Petunia & Pals

  1. I wonder how much money Jaime Harris has pulled in since yesterday…

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – I’m not sure, but I sent Miz Lindsey a plugged nickel, in hopes of making him feel less hated.

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    • Bruce388 says:

      After watching a clip of Lady G whining on Sean, followed by Sean cutting him off, I was moved to donate to Jaime. Not enough to shut down his fundraising operation, but still….


  2. Redhand says:

    “Now we may have litigation about who won the election, but the court will decide, and if Republicans lose, we’ll accept that result. But we need a full court.”

    The last sentence especially pissed me off. Legitimacy, much?

    This POS is so past his sell date * * *

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  3. roket says:


    WATB is also a buttercup

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    “Boo Whoo, I’m not getting any Money”, cried the repug. Excuse but isn’t he in government now, and couldn’t he maybe do something, I don’t know, “popular” to get more money and attention? I mean there was this thing called a Stimulus Plan” that he could help expedite. I know that would make people happier with him.
    But no, being a repug (short for repugnant) he goes on air and cries about the lack of love he is getting. Meanwhile being a stick in the mud for any helpful legislation.
    Atta boy there “Miss Lindsey” you are paving the way for your exit.
    And good riddance.

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  5. skinnydennis says:

    “My opponent will raise $100 million … I’m being killed financially. This money is ‘cuz hate my guts.”

    Well, DUHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Perturbation says:

    I gave Jaime Harrison $50 the night Ginsburg died, and Graham may be right about as often as a stopped clock, but I gotta say he summarized my motivation pretty succinctly there.


    • tengrain says:

      Perturbation – yeah, I got out my checkbook too (well, Apple Payments) and went on a donating spree on the Senate candidates that were up against the ususal suspects. I particularly enjoyed giving some money to Jaime Harrison (who has since then been spamming me daily for more monies), just imagining Lady G having to empty out her closet and leave town to move back to Mayberry.



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  7. Meremark says:

    South Carolina’s son Stephen Colbert ought to enter the fray.

    I’m thinking 8 figures — anything over $10 million on Jaime is appreciated.


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