Justice Amy Coney Barrett, At Your Cervix, Ladies!

Happy Hour News Briefs

CNN tells us:

(CNN)President Donald Trump intends to choose Amy Coney Barrett to be the new Supreme Court justice, according to multiple senior Republican sources with knowledge of the process.

In conversations with some senior Republican allies on the Hill, the White House is indicating that Barrett is the intended nominee, multiple sources said.
All sources cautioned that until it is announced by the President, there is always the possibility that Trump makes a last-minute change but the expectation is Barrett is the choice. He is scheduled to make the announcement on Saturday afternoon.

I thought the most cynical appointment in my lifetime was Clarence Thomas to replace Thrugood Marshall, but bringing in this creature from Gilead to replace RBG is a whole other dimension of ghastly cynicism.


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4 Responses to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, At Your Cervix, Ladies!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Like my FB friend Jim W likes to say, “Pay attention, motherfuckers, because this is what happens, THIS, right here: ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!! I warned you, again and again, over and over, the winner gets the spoils, gets to nominate judges who will rule over every aspect of your life for possibly the next half-century or so, those rulings last almost forever, and it takes a monstrous effort to override them.”

    And if there’s ONE, just ONE decent Rethuglicon in the bunch, then point him or her out to me, because I can’t discern even that many. They’re all in this together, they chose this path voluntarily, and they will ride this roller-coaster of Death to the very end.

    Let us help them reap what they have sown; VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!


  2. donnah says:

    It’s vile that we’ll have a Supreme Court judge who is the mirror opposite of our beloved RBG. This new judge will tip the scale of the Court and I can’t see how we don’t find so many previous decisions overturned. I know that the state of Ohio’s Right to Lifers have a huge roster of challenge bills lined up in lower courts that have been waiting for a favorable Court.

    This is what the Republicans hired Trump to do. He’s not pro-life, anti-abortion. He’s said as much. But this was the goal of his most ardent supporters and it seems they’ll get their money’s worth.And there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop them.

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    • mamadillo says:

      That about sums it up. I’m so depressed that watching MSNBC is about the best part of the day. I listened to Michael Steele [former exec director of the RNC] on Rachael Maddox’s show yesterday. Aside from being witty & well-spoken on politics of the sort that interest me, I’ve always wondered why I – a dyed ind the wool pro-choice Democrat – I liked him as much as I did. Now I know. The conversation wandered around a bit and then Steele said that he’s very pro-life, which is why he’s always been against the death penalty. Aha! When I worked in the pro-choice political arenas I was convinced the Roman Catholic changed its position from supporting the death penalty to opposing it, much to the dismay of a lot of their USA’n followers. We kept poking at the RC’ers
      for “protecting” 8-cell clusters of protoplasm while also arguing for executing people they thought deserved to die. I still believe their level of hypocrisy eventually forced them to change their rhetoric, if not their views. Anyone here old enough to remember the Jane Collective? We may see it rise from the Old Times and go back to work,but this time with sterile instruments. Hell, I’ve watched enough of them I could probably do them fairly safely, but with luck that sort of thing won’t be necessary. There are trains and cars and busses and planes that can take us across national boundaries, at least for women with enough money and emergency childcare. And so on and so on.

      And here I’ve thought for nearly 50 years that stare decisis actually meant something.


      • The “Pro-Life” crowd is anything but. They don’t give a flying crap about the life of the fetus; it’s all about power. Power over the weaker, power over the oppressed.

        Never ever forget that the whole “Pro-Life” movement began as a more palatable cause than their actual desire, the maintenance of Jim Crow and White Male Supremacy:

        (Stunningly a Tiger Beat on the Potomac joint; I have this as a clipping on my desktop because I don’t think people are paying attention that Roe is not their end-all goal. )


        Now they’re close to achieving both of their goals: overturning Roe (and soon, with the pile of cath-a-licks on the court) Griswold. (as recently as 2016 Rick Foamy discharge Santorum was openly including Griswold as another of those “Wrongly decided* SCOTUS decisions that needed to be revisited. Welcome to Comstock Laws II, forced poregnancy boogaloo)

        Women, to them, you are nothing more to them than maids, fucktoys and brood mares.

        They’ve already eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, and you’ll note the Senate has not renewed the Violence against Women act.

        The Civil Rights Act is next. Mark my words.


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