The Hard Truth of the Day

Depends upon how the media frame it

The press thinks the GOP should be unnerved by Trump’s obvious racism and authoritarian ways, therefore the press presents that assumption as fact, often with coverage that doesn’t include a single important Republican player who’s actually upset by Trump’s racist or authoritarian behavior. The media’s Moby Dick-like pursuit of outraged Republicans always comes up empty. 


I cannot state this enough: Eric Boehlert’s Press Run is essential reading.

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2 Responses to The Hard Truth of the Day

  1. They also understand that accurately labeling the GOP as an extremist vehicle will make them the targets of “liberal media bias” attacks.

    They will willingly and earnestly cover their own executions as ‘Enemies of the State’ as somehow a legitimate thing, stroke their beards and proclaim that the radical left Democrats are, once again, failing to work with their Republican peers.

    All for the glory and profit of their oligarch bosses.

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  2. Meremark says:

    ‘Press Run’ is essentail reading, and

    the essential ACTION is for us marching in bodily swarm to OVERRUN the Media Properties.
    Occupy Beltway Info-Bubble.

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