Chad Moves to Pennsylvania!

Naked Ballots are the new Hanging Chad. Tiger Beat on the Potomac has the details:

“‘Naked ballots’ are fast shaping up as 2020’s equivalent of hanging chads. After the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that mail-in ballots sent without a proper envelope — known as naked ballots — cannot be counted, Pennsylvania election officials are sounding the alarm that upwards of 100,000 votes could be tossed out in November in this key battleground state.

“In 2016, Pennsylvania saw one of the closest finishes in the nation: Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton here by only 44,000 votes. Now, the prospect that more than twice that number of ballots might be disqualified is sending shudders through the Democratic establishment in a state where recent polls show Joe Biden’s lead is within single digits.”

I think that the technical term for this is cluster-eff. Lord Damp Nut won Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes in 2016, and PA’s legislature is solidly GOP, so don’t expect a new law to help, as Republicans are solidly against voting and democracy.

ACTION: If you have family and friends in Penn, contact them. Make sure that they know to put the ballot inside the secrecy envelope/sleeve which they then put inside the mailer. Do it right now, please.

UPDATE 1: Some good news from North Carolina!

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3 Responses to Chad Moves to Pennsylvania!

  1. MDavis says:

    It will be a bit more difficult to discard inner envelopes than to get your nail gun out and shoot it through a bunch of Florida ballots, tis true.

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  2. Are folks *just that stupid * in PA? Here in the TSKoA the directions are very clear, even illustrated with pictures : mark your ballot, seal it in the inner envelope, sign that one on the dotted line, then seal that in the outer one.

    A naked ballot here couldn’t be counted, because the barcode and signature on the inner envelope contains the information needed to confirm it’s you.

    It’s not rocket surgery…

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    • MDavis says:

      I allege they are telegraphing their punches. Either they plan on making sure (or have made sure) that the directions are confusing or else they plan on pulling the ballots out of the outer envelopes and then pulling the ballots out of the inner envelopes in order to spoil them. Look for extra shredding machines in whatever precincts they want to under count votes. Gotta get rid of all that extra paper somehow.

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