Weird: Prznint Grifter Doesn’t Think His Taxes Should Be Investigated



The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been locked in a yearlong legal battle with President Trump over obtaining his tax returns, suggested for the first time in a court filing on Monday that it had grounds to investigate him and his businesses for tax fraud. The filing by the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., offered rare insight into the office’s investigation of the president and his business dealings, which began more than two years ago. Mr. Vance, a Democrat, has never revealed the scope of his office’s criminal inquiry, citing grand jury secrecy. The investigation has been stalled by the fight over a subpoena that the office issued in August 2019 for eight years of the president’s tax returns. Lawyers for Mr. Trump have said the subpoena should be blocked, calling it “wildly overbroad” and politically motivated.

Mr. Vance responded to that argument in a carefully worded new filing that did not directly accuse Mr. Trump or any of his businesses or associates of wrongdoing and took pains to avoid disclosing details about the inquiry. However, prosecutors listed news reports and public testimony that alleged misconduct by Mr. Trump and his businesses. The reports, prosecutors wrote, would justify a grand jury inquiry into a range of possible crimes, including tax and insurance fraud and falsification of business records. It was the first time the office had suggested tax fraud might be among the possible areas of investigation.

In shocking development, Prznint Stupid’s lawyers declined to comment for the story. You know, in case they are material witnesses to a crime, I guess?

Vance could theoretically get his filthy hippie paws on  Lord Damp Nuts tax returns, but the grand jury secrecy rules mean it would be unlikely they would become public, you know, unless he was charged and they were introduced as evidence.

Or maybe Prznint Grifter will release them when that routine audit concludes.


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5 Responses to Weird: Prznint Grifter Doesn’t Think His Taxes Should Be Investigated

  1. Of course it’s ‘politically motivated’. It was motivated by Trump getting into politics and bragging in Public about how he cheated on his taxes.

    And no there is no “Your honor, I move this entire case be dismissed because the defendant is a lying idiot.” said the Pro se attorney representing the lying idiot. defense to fraud and tax evasion.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    100 Years War, meet 100 Years Audit.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    MAGATS firmly believe everyone should cheat on their taxes, at least a little bit. So along comes their Hero, who has always cheated on likely every form he’s ever had to fill out, or the flunkies who do the pencil-work do, on his advice, and with his full consent, and even urging. He cheats BIGLY & YUGELY, which they admire, and aspire to having his same wealth, and perform those same practices someday.

    Because it IS America, where literally anyone can become a millionaire/billionaire, and those types make for the best preznits, doncha know?


    • tengrain says:

      I dunno Dennis. I’m kinda big on believing in Dorothy Parker:

      Death and Taxes…

      I’d be willing to forgive him on being a tax cheat if just would hurry-up and die.




  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    To quote a timeworn phrase uttered by so many Rethuglican leaders- “If he hasn’t done anything wrong than an investigation is nothing to worry about.”


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