Trolls in the News

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The Daily Beast reveals a troll in Dr. Fauci’s office:

The managing editor of the prominent conservative website RedState has spent months trashing U.S. officials tasked with combating COVID-19, dubbing White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci a “mask nazi,” and intimating that government officials responsible for the pandemic response should be executed.

But that writer, who goes by the pseudonym “streiff,” isn’t just another political blogger. The Daily Beast has discovered that he actually works in the public affairs shop of the very agency that Fauci leads.

William B. Crews is, by day, a public affairs specialist for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. But for years he has been writing for RedState under the streiff pseudonym. And in that capacity he has been contributing to the very same disinformation campaign that his superiors at the NIAID say is a major challenge to widespread efforts to control a pandemic that has claimed roughly 200,000 U.S. lives.

Redstate, as you might remember was founded by our old pal Eric Ericson; he sold it for a bucket of Ameros and moved on to a Catholic Seminary in Georgia, who rightly held an exorcism to get rid of that troll (we’re guessing).

Also in troll news, allegedly someone has revealed the identity of Q!

(Won’t lie, have not listened to a full hour of it, so no spoilers when/if you do!)

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12 Responses to Trolls in the News

  1. The interesting question….he was the managing editor of RedState. Which has been in operation all this time and has many updates a day.

    So was his NIAID job the side gig or what? Because otherwise he was working his other job on Federal time, and that is a big-ass no-no. Like felony no-no if they wanted to make a point about it, because that can be construed as fraud.

    Also he is NOT a political appointee, he is subject to the benefits AND responsibilities of his CS grade.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Not mine, but I am sharing.
    “People have whole conspiracy theories about masks, & how the government is using a surgical mask to control us. I can’t deal with y’all. They literally assigned each of us our own number. They make you pay taxes. They make you register your property & your address. They know everything about you, & you think they are controlling you by telling you not to literally spit on one another. What is wrong with y’all?”
    (Megan Geistreich)

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  3. Green Eagle says:

    “Streiff” is not just a Covid troll. I have devoted a great deal of attention to right wing websites during my blog’s 14 year existence, and Streiff has featured as long as I have been writing as one of the most loathsome right wing liars that I have featured, throughout that period, pushing virtually every form of Conservative propaganda in existence.

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    • tengrain says:

      So given your expertise, Green Eagle, what happens next with him being unmasked (see what I did there) at RedState? And what happens to RedState for that matter if one of their more popular contributors can no longer contribute?

      (I stopped paying attention to RedState when E-squared sold it; I feel remiss.)

      Scissorheads, go to Green Eagle’s blog for more details on this Strieff/Crews person. Green Eagle has the stuff.



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      • what happens next with him being unmasked (see what I did there) at RedState?

        200 quatloos on “being hoisted on their shoulders and celebrated as a winner for serving so long as a mole in the enemy’s camp”?

        I wonder just how much sabotage he’s been able to do over the years.

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      • MDavis says:

        If it’s anything like Right wing business bankruptcies, he’ll just move across the street and start up under a different name.


  4. quakerinabasement says:

    “our old pal Eric Ericson”

    It’s Erick Erickson. You left out two k’s. Or three.

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  5. osirisopto says:

    Identity of Q?
    That would be a Russian intel officer.

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    • Big Bad bald Bastard says:

      Nah, it started off as a 4Chan shitposter LARPing, was taken over by grifters, and is now run by Jim Watkins and his son, who own 8Kun. A Russiam Intel officer never would have written “no outside comms besides 8Chan”.

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  6. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    At the risk of sounding like a Q loon, Gitmo will have to be expanded and, no, Hillary Clinton isn’t going to end up in there.

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  7. I thought that was a great episode of Reply All (I have long loved that podcast) and I would not say that I think I have complete clarity about Q, but I would say that it was excellent reporting. There is such sewage on the internet. But not here!!!


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