Special Delivery For Prznint Stupid!

This machine kills fascists Art by Mike Shine (H/T @cgerrish on the Twitter)

CNN tells us that a Federal Judge ruled that the USPS must prioritize election mail, and became the second judge to order a reversal of Postmaster Grifter, er, General Louis DeJoy’s policy changes:

US District Judge Victor Marrero in New York’s Southern District became the second federal judge to side against USPS in the past week. A judge in Washington state ordered many similar changes on Friday and blasted the Trump administration for what he called a “politically motivated attack” on USPS.

Marrero made several specific orders, including:

  • treating all ballots as first-class mail (something that Bastian also ordered),
  • paying for necessary overtime in the weeks surrounding the election.
  • a detailed plan about how the USPS will guarantee that election-related mail is delivered on time

Marrero said if he doesn’t get that plan by Friday, he’ll impose his own plan.

Pretty neat, huh?

Meanwhile, in the battleground state of Wisconsin, a federal judge ruled an extra week for absentee ballots to be counted:

District Judge William Conley wrote that the deadline extensions were necessary, given the Covid-19 pandemic, to protect the right of Wisconsin citizens to vote, and said that not doing so would lead to the “near certainty of disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters relying on the state’s absentee ballot process.”

Zounds! Two is the start of a collection but three is a trend:

A federal judge in Nevada threw out a lawsuit from President Trump‘s campaign challenging the state’s expansion of mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Judge James Mahan dismissed the case on Friday, ruling that the campaign’s list of potential harms from the new Nevada law were overly speculative and amounted to little more than policy disagreements with state officials.

Gonna guess now that rat-eff’ing with the USPS didn’t work and pretty soon Lord Damp Nut is going to say he never met DeJoy. Meanwhile, DeJoy is already dans la merde with campaign finance law breaking. He’s going under the bus.

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6 Responses to Special Delivery For Prznint Stupid!

  1. donnah says:

    DeJoy under the bus? I’m DeJoyous!
    And I’d rather see him thrown under a steamroller.

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  2. “dans la merde “

    Does that mean ‘dancing in shit’? Because yer gonna have to be more specific, because that’s pretty much what every official appointed by the Creature from the Orange Pigshit Lagoon does as a qualification for the job.

    Also, this depressingly long read in VanFair https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/09/how-everyone-is-quietly-lining-trumps-pockets about just how insanely corrupt President Public Access Caligula is…

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    • tengrain says:

      I need to spend some time at VF today. Perhaps lunch?




    • beckymaenot says:

      Thanks for the tip on that article. The corruption is, well… It. Is. Staggering. You can tell there are no more checks and balances because nobody in the government is investigating the money. Can you imagine if Obama had done anything even remotely like this? Gawd- remember when they freaked the fuck out because he wrote a book before he left office?


  3. it’s about time they stopped fucking with Wisconsin. Admit it, assholes, Scott Walker was an anomaly. A STUPID anomaly. A bald one.


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