I’m Shocked. Shoked, I Say

Lock Her Up

Tiger Beat on the Potomac breathlessly tells us that ol’ Amway Betsy is in deep merde this time, boy-howdy…

“The Office of the Special Counsel has started investigating Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for potentially violating the Hatch Act, after she slammed Joe Biden in a Fox News interview and her agency promoted it through official channels.

And as we know, gee, that will put the fear of almighty DAWG in the 4th Reich, who so far have all broken the Hatch Act with impunity and not suffered any consequences.

“The head of investigative watchdog blog Checks and Balances Project Scott Peterson said in an interview that OSC Hatch Act attorney Eric Johnson told him he had been assigned to investigate the matter. ‘We’ll investigate matters in your complaint,’ Johnson told Peterson, recounting the conversation. ‘The incident seems very well documented.’ Johnson also told him that because of remote work prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the timeline for the investigation is uncertain.”

Uncertain as in “Never.”

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  1. Silly Tengrain, Trix is for kids rules is for Democrats!

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