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POTUS Shield lays hands on The Chosen One

POTUS Shield is claiming victory (or maybe responsibility) for Notorious RBG’s death:

It was four years ago that I prophesied the way Trump would win and the emphasis on the Supreme Court. I declared then that the Lord said President Trump would appoint three ( 3) justices, and that it would be within his first term ( in this “season”). I released earlier this year that there would be three major shifts: the first was covid and that the earth was put on pause. The second was the sudden manifestation of lawlessness which is operating in tandem with the spirit of delusion. Recall that I preached on Sunday, May 24 that this chaos was about to come suddenly. The very next day, George Floyd died and the ensuing disorder has been prevalent since.

From February on, I shared that the third shift would begin in September, that it would be so divinely aligned that it would be indisputably God, that it would be a type of firstfruits to the nation and the church as we approach Sukkot. I saw the vision that I shared of DJT sinking up to his chin in quicksand, and attached to him the assignments of God. But then the thumb and finger of God reached down and plucked him from the mire him by his head, throwing him to soar in the clouds. Then after Joe Biden mocked God on August 20 at the Democratic convention, saying there would be no miracle; I shared the word of the Lord that a Hezekiah miracle moment was going to be released in September with a Blast! The word was based upon 2 Kings 18 & 19… AND HEZEKIAH’S desperate intercession to the Lord: ” This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke and blasphemy for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.” (2 LINGS 19: 3). THE LORD’S WORD: “BE NOT AFRAID of the words which you have heard .. from [those who blasphemed me]. BEHOLD I WILL SEND A BLAST UPON HIM…!!! From that evening on I declared that the Hezekiah Miracle Blast was about to come upon the earth.

Last night (Friday, Sept. 19) during the POTUS SHIELD network prayer intercession, I made a desperate appeal to the Lord to rescue us, our nation, the church, and to hear the cry of the blood of the 60 million murdered children; and to answer quickly and NOW for HIS own name’s sake. In less than one hour, the announcement of Ginsberg’s passing came out.

Do not lose the significance that God started this HEZEKIAH MIRACLE BLAST with the opening up of the third supreme justice seat ON ROSHA SHANA, the Hebrew NEW YEAR, the day that the Torah is refreshed and reset back to the TIME OF BEGINNINGS !!

NOW THE Spirit of the Lord is NUDGING us to other levels of intercession – and we are to usher in, in faith and declaration and repentance; a move of God that shall shake this nation and the Body of Christ. The forces of opposition are assembling consulting, plotting, planning, conspiring to thwart what God is doing, and shall do. They shall fail even as we prevail in prayer, fasting, faith, and power. We must put up a line of defense and a plan of offenses to make the “surge” into darkness that has been breached by the spear of the Lord’s providence.

I will be releasing more specifics over the next few days and this week into the moment of my prophetic word at the close of THE RETURN in Washington, DC one week from today on Saturday evening.

The ZEAL OF THE LORD OF HOSTS is and SHALL be doing this.


These people are eating bath salts. That’s my comment.

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12 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Oh, man! Gullible is, as gullible does. I command thee: “Swallow the crap!”

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  2. StringOnAStick says:

    “Fasting”? Have you seen the average BMI in your typical evangelical church? Let them fast, and when they are weakest we’ll snatch their collection plates.

    Also, check out all the tacky bling on the hands fondling LDN’s ‘hair’, if that’s what it actually is. I’m still going with “bleached squirrel” .

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  3. I kinda like the part about God snatching Trump up by the head and flinging him into the clouds.

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    So he’s basically saying he performed an occult ritual and caused Ginsburg to die? How is this different from witchcraft?

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    I imagine God really has Her panties in a twist over this one, expect a hurricane of biblical proportion to slam the coast any day now. Fires on the Burning Shores, floods in the heartland.

    “Taking the Lord’s name in vain” generally covers a lot of grey area, from lying for Jesus to bowing down to graven images, but this is pretty binary, pretty black and white. Dude is damned.

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  6. donnah says:

    Religious zealots are kooks. Scary kooks. I’ll bet Trump nearly soiled his Depends to have all of those hands on him.

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  7. beckymaenot says:

    These are his people now. They all really do believe that god is on their side and that justifies ANYTHING they do. Just wait until they open the camps. Y’all thought Handmaid’s Tale was fiction. Well- It’s their goal. These people are fucking nuts. And they currently have control of our government. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.


  8. Wesley Sandel says:

    If they’d systematically torture to death hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians in Indonesia, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia, why do you think that they wouldn’t do it here?


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