Senator Lady G Is In Trouble, Maybe?

Sir, you are no gentleman.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac breathlessly tells us:

SCOOP: JAIME HARRISON raised another $1 million-plus Thursday — his second consecutive day raising north of a million dollars after a Quinnipiac poll had the Democratic challenger tied with Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-S.C.). The DSCC is getting involved in the race.

Here’s Jaime Harrison:

It’s long but the section on Lindsey Graham in the middle is pretty devastating. There’s a chance that Harrison might pull this off, and while MPS has had some fun with Graham over the years, getting the Senatorette back to Tara would be divine.

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5 Responses to Senator Lady G Is In Trouble, Maybe?

  1. Redhand says:

    If he loses, I have promised myself to send his office a letter expressing my joy at his defeat, for policy reasons, of course, not because he’s a despicable Trump toady with no principles whatsoever.

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  2. The DSCC is getting involved in the race.

    WTF??? only NOW they think “Hey, it might be a nice idea of we can kick out one of the most craven Republicans in the Senate, maybe we should help this Harrison, fellah! What say, boys?”

    They’ve been bugging me for money since [checks watch] 2018 for munnies…where has it all gone? (note, it might be because they didn’t get any munnies from me, since all my donations go through ActBlue.

    It was nice of Donald Trump to send that check with his name on it as I was able to put some of it towards un-electing him and his gang of thieves, murderers and rapists…

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  3. Harrison is one of my “adopted” out of state Senate Candidates to support. I’ve maxed out on him.
    There’s a mighty Judgement comin’, as the Late Leonard Cohen said.

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  4. Dimitrios says:

    The best thing I ever heard about Senatorette Lady Lindsay Graham was how, in the heat of the late South Carolina sun on a summer afternoon, all the town ladies sitting out on their front porches would become so dewy that their bath powder began to look like the frosting on a Dunkin’ Donut.


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