The Ol’ College Try

Lookout, Jeebus! The goalpost looks like a crucifix!

As is his want, Lord Damp Nut took credit for the Big Ten Conference’s surprise announcement that its football season would resume at the end of October after all, reversing its earlier decision:

Trump takes victory lap over return of Big Ten football. College president says it has nothing to do with him.

As we know, a former student athlete hisself and probable Olympic champion in all sports,  Prznint Bone Spurs was pressuring the league to play for the electoral boost he thinks it’ll give him in football-loving Jeebusland, with no concern for the danger it would pose to student athletes.

One university president denied that Trump had anything to do with the decision:

“President Trump had nothing to do with our decision and did not impact the deliberations,” said the president of a Big Ten university who asked not to be identified. “In fact, when his name came up, it was a negative, because no one wanted this to be political.”

But the Big Ten itself sees players’ exposure to the Trump-Virus as so inevitable, well, why not take advantage of it? Let’s study the damage it will do!

So this story has it all, including racism. Neat-o!

UPDATE 1: “[T]here’s no reason why Pac-12 shouldn’t be playing now.”

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7 Responses to The Ol’ College Try

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    We’ve already had two colleges here in Michigan (Michigan State and Grand Valley) with major COVID outbreaks, and I expect the same thing will be happening at other colleges because (gasp) college students will college student. Big Gretch has already warned us that she’ll gladly put many restrictions back in place if the numbers continue to spike (which I agree with); let’s hope that her emergency powers aren’t stripped away from her before then (yes, a petition has reached the required number of signatures, and if the petition is certified, our Dunning-Kruger Qpublican legislature will certainly do it and, unfortunately, the Governor can’t veto it).

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    • sos says:

      Dane County (University of Wisconsin) was happily purring along with ~1% positive test rate, all summer. Boom, on or about 1 Sep, we are now around 6+%. Wisconsin on the whole is around 14%.

      Here’s Day Fonking ONE:
      42 Badger players, staff test positive for coronavirus

      Not to be outdone, the fraternities had to get in on it:
      ‘We’ll throw you a brat’: UW students prepare for pandemic Badger games as local leaders warn against parties

      There is no way that games aren’t going to be cancelled. It will be a miracle if they manage to play 2. Meanwhile the populace suffers higher “side channel” infection rates.

      B1G more like big dummies

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  2. My university and the county health dept (The UA) just put all students on campus into a (voluntary, alas) two-week sshelter in place order. The exceptions are: Medical visits, essential classes and getting food.

    At that point Mrs BDR turned to me and said “Do they even know these are college students?? ‘Getting food’ will men going to restaurants to eat

    Also it will be fun watching the footbal players playing at OU. They won’t be able to tell if the lung damage will be from COVID or the air

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    “The earliest a student can arise from their death bed, er, return to game competition is 21 days following a Covid 19 positive diagnosis.”

    You know, they make those portable oxygen concentrators, (for people with serious COPD issues and the like,) so small and lightweight that we’ll soon be seeing them as an accouterment to their uniforms. But we’ll need a new rule, regarding “deliberate targeting and destruction of a rival player’s air apparatus.”

    Can you cannula?

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  4. Dimitrios says:

    Instead of having team names like Wildcats, Bruins. Buffaloes and Huskies, they should be changed to the Arizona White Rats. the Los Angeles Rhesus Monkeys, the Boulder Guinea Pigs, the Washington Primates, et cetera

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  5. sos says:

    I’m sure everyone here knows it’s the “mask protesters” causing the uproar. By far the best response that I have read is from Shower Cap ( Posted without permission, but this is gold and should be amplified, err from pillar to post, or something.

    *And I don’t know whether to be angry at the deeply warped priorities, or flabbergasted at the apparent inability to extrapolate. Like, how did this catch you off guard? It never occurred to a single rational human that college football could be played under these circumstances. If you wanted your precious television program, you had every opportunity to join the rest of us in all that mask-wearing, social-distancing, and sheltering-in-place we were up to while y’all were busy spreading disease in the name of freedumb. Maybe if you get your shit together and stop being fuckheads, we can have nice things again next year. It’s up to you. *

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