Federal judge says he’ll block USPS policy changes nationwide

(CNN)A federal judge in eastern Washington said that President Donald Trump and Postmaster Louis DeJoy, “are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service,” and will issue a nationwide order blocking some recent changes that slowed down mail and could threaten mail-in voting.

Judge Stanley Bastian said during a court hearing Thursday he will issue the order blocking the changes made by the US Postal Service.

A coalition of Democratic state attorneys general sued USPS last month, claiming that DeJoy broke the law when he implemented policy changes that disrupted mail delivery across the country. USPS rejects these claims and DeJoy says he isn’t trying to sabotage the election.

The policy changes at the Postal Service created “a substantial possibility” that “voters may be disenfranchised,” Bastian said during the hearing, adding that “harm has already taken place.”

“Substantial evidence has been presented that these transformative changes have been done by the Postal Service which has made mail delivery slower and less efficient,” Bastian said.

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3 Responses to BREAKING: USPS Victory!

  1. I wish I could feel optimism, but they’ll just keep on doing it and appealing it to yet a higher wingnut court until the bring it up to Balls-n-strikes, Frozen Trucker Man and Boof.

    Who will probably reason that just because the Constitution sez we gotta have a ‘Post Office’, nothing indicates it needs to be a functional one….

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Yeah, like they’re gonna change, and start obeying the Law now, just because some Librul Judge says so? Might as well wish that he’s gonna replace all the automated sorting equipment with new, faster and better models.

    The damage has been done, and without an enforceable court order to restore everything to its previous and prior condition, under penalty of arrest, and combined with large fines, nothing will happen to even come close to mitigating this disaster.

    So instead of getting to watch them do the “perp-walk,” we get to watch the perps walk.

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  3. Dimitrios says:

    This is the reason why I find politics so difficult to follow with any degree of assurance. In order to protect the United States Postal Service, the Democratic Party must sue the USPS because of the new rules forced upon them by the Trump Administration’s Post Master General, when it would see more to the point to deliver a swift kick to the nads of both the Post Master General and the Damp Lord Jabba the Nut at the White House.

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