Oy, Gevalt!

Sweet, sweet relief

On Rosh Hashanah call, Trump tells American Jews ‘We love your country’ and asks for their vote

I just can’t…


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  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    I used to get that all the time in the Navy…people asking me that since I was Jewish, why didn’t I serve in the Israeli Navy.

    And I’d tell them, “Because I’m not Israeli, nitwit.” (Or some variation thereof) I would point out that I’m a fourth-generation native New Yorker. On the other hand, my mother is English and THAT side of the family has provided the Crown with soldiers and sailors, and later, airmen and civil servants, since 1680, in one branch or another.

    Which made me a fanatical Monarchist and an advocate of Lord Randolph Churchill’s “Tory Democracy,” as opposed to nutters like Jeremy Corbyn (today).

    “I would have a harder time attacking London than Jerusalem,” I said, “because my rellies are all living in London.”

    This would come up when I’d talk to kids in our base schools about being Jewish at Hanukkah, and the teacher would say to me, “Do you have a special game you’d play for Hanukkah?”

    I’d look at her blankly for a moment and say, “Well, me and my brother play t his simulation wargame with cardboard counters and hexagons, called ‘War Between the States,’ simulating th e American Civil War. It has a lot of detail, mostly on supply and production, and the emphasis is on leadership –”

    Then she cut me off, and stage-whisper, “Dreidel,” and I’d have to say, “Oh, yes, we’d play with the Dreidel, to win candy.” Which we never played. Re-staging Antietam was more interesting.

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  2. Hey it IS their country, and they’ll all go back if the Talibangelicals here have to round them up and ship ’em off in cattle cars. They LOVE Jews and Israel…because their glorious Apocalypse won’t be complete without all the jews going back to Israel for the ritual mass slaughter and forced conversion to christianity, err, I mean ‘the Second Coming of that Prince of Peace Aryan Jesus.’

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  3. roket says:

    These Israeli Jews you would like to allow to vote here, will they be expected to mail in their ballot AND travel here to vote in person (and catch the Rona to boot)? Or do they just get one vote? Asking for a dual citizenship Jewish friend who would like to vote four times.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    Don’t anyone try to explain it to the mental midget He would just get all ferhoodled and no one could guess what he’d be up to next.


    • MDavis says:

      He’d come up with a package deal where he’d trade Puerto Rico and Israel to Denmark in exchange for Greenland. You’ve seen Greenland on maps, the part that goes above the Arctic Circle is YOOGE!

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      • Dimitrios says:

        There is nothing quite like Ice flows, Fjords and tundra ranging in temperature between 23 and 50 degrees Ferenheight to impress low information intellectually impoverished real estate buyer looking for a location to introduce forced-immigration of citizens with less than Rinso white skin tones’ or educated to vote anything other than the straight Republican ticket.

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  5. spotthedog says:

    “Yo Semites, vote for me!”

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