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The Spice Must Flow

Last week a newish reader sent me an email asking why MPS no longer blogs about the Sunday Talkies.

It’s simple, really: they are not news shows, they are spin and punditry. Imagine a late night infomercial for the Amazing Turnip Twizler.

It took a while to realize that I ended up knowing less about our world after watching them than I did before.

Here’s a breathless example that Tiger Beat on the Potomac has in their email thingie this morning:

CHUCK TODD had RNC CHAIR RONNA MCDANIEL on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS” … ON THE GOP CASH SITUATION … “So if you look at the RNC fundraising from January 2019 to July, which is the cycle, we raised $493 million and the DNC’s raised $203 million. And we have $100 million cash on hand. And during that time, we’ve been investing in a ground game. Chuck, I know you love the mechanics of the campaign. So we have had 2,000 staff on the ground. We’ve been out-registering Democrats in six battleground states. I’m sure you saw the story on Pennsylvania this week.

So… $203M Ameros was the case back in January (8 Months Ago, gentle readers, no math today!), and no interjection from UpChuck Todd to set the record straight. That is not the case today when the DNC raised nearly $400M in the last quarter and I have not yet heard what the GOP brought in, I think they do not want to show that the enthusiasm is with Team Blue. At any rate Chuck doesn’t ask her about the latest quarter fundraising and lets her talk about the aggregate.

RRM then spins to a story that sounds impressive:

“We’re at 2 million volunteers. So we’ve been investing along the way in a ground game that you can’t pop up in a week before an election or two weeks to get that level of volunteers. So I feel very good about the investment that the RNC’s put in place, and I feel very confident in the plan that the campaign has. The plan, the campaign will have the money and it has the strategy to win, and we’ve seen since July 4th every state that we’re monitoring, numbers are moving in the direction of the president.”

Bragging about having a ground game during a pandemic seems… disturbing. They are knocking on doors when everyone is avoiding crowds? Really?

Saying that they have a plan, but not saying what it is is a Republican strategy in itself. Remember Nixon’s Secret Plan to end the Viet Nam war? Step One: Elect Him. Step Two: uh…

Anyway, Ronna Romney McDaniels does not tell us the plan, and Chuck doesn’t ask.

And rinse and repeat on all the other news shows. It’s a waste of time, and then of course they all cut away to their assorted Powerhouse Panels… and the tiny ship was lost.

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6 Responses to The Sunday Talkies

  1. donnah says:

    Ugh, Chuck Todd. I was glad when they took him off the early evening beat at MSNBC and gave his hour to Nicolle Wallace, who kicks his pudgy ass all over the place as a host. Chuck never gives up his “but don’t both sides do it?” crap and he consistently allows Republicans to dominate him on his show. He very seldom challenges their lies and if he tries, and they counterpunch, he slinks back under the table.

    I’d like to see him disappear even more, but I suspect his longevity at NBC protects him. We’ll see more of his whiny self during the elections, unfortunately.

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  2. sos says:

    It is a mysterious mystery why people off all stripes, including pacifists, wish to line up and punch the host of Press The Meat. I mean, just look at that guy, the face, the speed-bag, the humanity.

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel’s bragging about their ground game seems a bit off key. I don’t want to see a couple of maskless Goopers at the door with their Lord Dampnut literature.

    On second thought, if their prancing around banging on doors results in them getting infected, I’d probably get over it.

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  4. beckymaenot says:

    To quote Obama”fuck you chuck todd.”

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  5. Weird Dave says:

    That you were blocked by him is about all the comment we need…

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    • tengrain says:

      Upchuck was the first person to block me on Twitter, which is a badge of honor.

      You always remember your first. [sniff]




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