Special Delivery!

52 DAYS until Election Day.

(h/t Scissorhead Bruce388)

Look-out for misinformation, Scissorheads! Looks like Postmaster General Louis DeJoy isn’t done mail-bombing us!

Jena Griswold is the Colorado Secretary of state, and you should read the entire thread as she alerts us to what is probably a well-intended effort but could be rat-eff’ing from the highest level:

…and then you should check your State’s website to find the truth, OR go to Vote.org, who have kindly collected and collated all states and territories information. Not all states have easily accessible information, btw. I wonder why?

But I digest…

As long as we are talkin’ ’bout the USPS and voting, Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) has some hot hallway monitor gossip:

For a few weeks, Donald Trump’s advisers had seemingly gotten through to him — the president was finally encouraging his supporters to vote by mail, at least some of the time.

On-message Trump didn’t last long. He recently appeared to suggest people vote twice — voting in-person as a way to determine if their mail-in ballot had been counted — later warning Democrats would be “thieving and stealing and robbing” their way to an election win. Now, five Republicans close to the president’s campaign say that if Trump keeps up his vacillating mail-in voting rhetoric, they fear infrequent voters, especially older ones, will simply sit out the election.

So once again, our Stable Jenius Lord Damp Nut is eff’ing-up his own messaging.


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3 Responses to Special Delivery!

  1. MDavis says:

    Sort of a “quick, grab all the money from the banks and cash registers before “those people” steal it! We’re not stealing, we’re stopping a robbery!” kind of a vibe, innit?

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    “Truth? What’s THAT?”

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  3. Laura Strand says:

    It’s clearly designed to ensure that if followed to recommendations by This Particular Postmaster General, that you’re vote will not be counted. And it’s done using Our Goverment and Our Tax dollars to benefit trump.

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