When They Tell You Who They Are…

believe them:

“…In other interviews, Trump tries to show off and impress Woodward — giving a tour of the Oval Office, discussing his preference for long neckties, and showing Woodward the hideaway office, which he smirked and called the “Monica Room,” a reference to Monica Lewinsky.”

Yes, he is that juvenile and purile.


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4 Responses to When They Tell You Who They Are…

  1. sos says:

    Did he show Woodward the room he gets make-up shotgunned to his face?

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  2. I gotta wonder…did he actually know who Woodward is? I mean other than “that guy who wrote that book that I didn’t like” ?

    For all his faults (and he does have them) Woodward’s still a damned good reporter. I remember him taking to Rachel about his last book, and how he’ll patiently talk to sources again and again, always on the record, listening to what they say and slowly digging his way into their thing, by doing the same to all the people around them, going back to talk to them about what he’s found, and eventually they show up at his house with a box full of files, because he’s either convinced them that telling all is their only way out or they gotta get the proof to him first before the other guys do.

    This is a reporter who wrote a fawning book about the Bush administration just to get them to trust him enough to give him the dirt for his second, much more damaging one.

    He caught a ton of flak for that first book too, but when the second came out it was transparent (at least to me it was) that it was a feint.

    With a pathological narcissist like Trump it must have been a doddle for him to get trump to spill and spill and spill. (note, this is likely how Putin also gets what he wants form trump, just flatter him and he’ll tell you anything )

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  3. donnah says:

    Trump is without a doubt the worst waste of skin we’ve ever had the misfortune to be subjected to as a nation. He has literally no redeeming qualities, nothing that suggests he’s anything more than a staggering, lumbering piece of shit. He’s cruel, he’s selfish, and he thinks he deserves respect. I swear to god, I am just about ready to explode. If we don’t vote him out, I don’t know what we will do.

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  4. CalicoJack says:

    And, anyone is surprised by any of this how or why? You’re surprised that Trump LIED? Tried to preserve his re-election chances by trying to convince us to continue working and buying stuff while we died horrible painful deaths? Blurted the existence of a super-secret nuclear weapons program to get the approval and admiration of a very important person? Why is anyone surprised? We knew all of this all along… okay, we didn’t know about the super-secret nuclear weapons program — and honestly, I didn’t want to know about it either.


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