Faceberg Is Outta Ideas

“oops,” said Internet power-user Mark Faceberg.

Facebook has unveiled a new product called Facebook Campus: “a college-only space designed to help students connect with fellow classmates over shared interests.”

Facebook Campus appears to be an echo of OG Facebook,  Facebook Campus is available only to students at 30 US universities and requires a college email address to register. Remember the original requirements?  You had to have a college email address and attend an exclusive group of universities to join. Oh, and it was originally designed to rate the hotness of the coeds. Is that part still there? Anyway, I guess Mark didn’t have anyone to steal ideas from this time.

And now 2020 has entered Groundhog Day territory, but without Bill Murray.

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5 Responses to Faceberg Is Outta Ideas

  1. Well, damn. I did NOT have ‘Facebook recurses itself’ on my 2020 Apocalypse Bingo Card…but if we get “Robot Uprising” or “Rain of Poison Frogs” I win!

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – it’s a sad state of affairs, but MY Bingo card is full of boxes that say things like, “Murder Hornet deaths outnumber Covid 19’s,” and the like. “tRump chokes on a Big Mac, is rushed to Walter Reed, but recovers quickly, leaving VP Pence in limbo.”

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  2. sos says:

    I guess Faceberg has detected a fall-off in college aged marks.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, SOS, they think FB is for the Olds like, uh, me. Gotta get fresh meat into the ad-server. Instagram seems to be losing the Yutes, too.




  3. laura says:

    The Yutes of today dont need faceberg but faceberg needs the Yutes of today. Good job Yutes – shun him like a boss


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