And a New Conspiracy Theory Emerges!

Scissorhead MDavis found a new conspiracy theory:

I kinda like thinking someone on Lord Damp Nut’s 2020 Goat Rodeo Campaign is trolling him from within!

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5 Responses to And a New Conspiracy Theory Emerges!

  1. DarkStar says:

    You might be on to something. Live and Let Die played as Trump toured an N95 mask factory in Phoenix. How prophetic.

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  2. Redhand says:

    This musical accompaniment is poetry beyond words. The beauty of it is that Trump won’t even realize someone is sticking it up his ass.

    Maybe this music will get the Zombies twitching and trance tanzen at his next insane Q-anon Nuremberg rally.

    Or even better, Thriller. I mean, after all, he’s not like other guys.

    The best part will be when the Trumpsters crawl up out of the ground and mimic their master’s voice and moves.

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  3. roket says:

    Odds are no one knows that sound guy. Odds are no one has ever even met that sound guy. It goes to the top, people.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Well, the house does look like a rummage sale.


  5. Jimmy T says:

    Enough with the conspiracies. We now have overweight armed white men standing guard in evacuation zones here in Oregon just waiting to ambush antifa–both of them. Cool down video…

    I haven’t seen the sun in three days. I’m thinking it will re-appear, like magic, sometime in November…

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