Because We Love A Good Denial

Noted cuck-fetishist/sex fiend for Jeebus, Jerry Falwell says he did not endorse Candidate Stupid in the 2016 Goat Rodeo because he was being blackmailed by Lord Damp Nut, you know to keep some  photos of his wife from being published, hubba-hubba!

“Someone stole some pictures I took of my wife in the back yard. Topless. Big deal. OK?”

“And the hot pool boy, built personal trainer, sweaty gardener, horny pizza guy, Amazon delivery man with thighs like pistons were busy elsewhere and not in the picture,” he did not say. “Oops.”

“It was no quid pro quo. There was no me supporting Trump because of whatever Michael was doing.”

“Say, is it hot in here?,” he did not add.

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6 Responses to Because We Love A Good Denial

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Spoken like a fine, upstanding Xtian. Jerry, “Fall – well”, into the hypocrisy sewer.

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  2. Dimitrios says:

    So denial is in Egypt, where a pool boy was paid to flee, somewhere out of the picture.

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  3. Lofgren says:

    It is simply unAmerican to use what two or there or maybe five people like to together, consensually and privately behind closed doors, in order to damage their business and reputation. If Falwell was a gay shoemaker being driven out of his shop for his sexual orientation, liberals would be leaping to his defense. Yet just because he is a conman who exploited shame over sexual desire in order to rip off teenagers and their parents, you liberals think it’s fair to have him fired for engaging in kinky homoerotic threesomes. Hypocrites.

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  4. roket says:

    If the Christian Hypocrite crows three times will the chosen one acknowledge his existence or pretend he doesn’t know him? I’m going with the latter.


  5. sos says:

    It was the “black water” talking. What the hell is black water? I would NOT be putting it in a drinking glass.


    • lofgren says:

      I still maintain this picture was tweeted by the young lady who got her hands on his phone while he was, erm, “busy.”


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