Louis DeJoy: One-Man Crime Wave

The WaPo tells us that  Louis DeJoy is the Dinesh D’Souza of voting fraudsters:

“Louis DeJoy’s prolific campaign fundraising, which helped position him as a top Republican power broker in North Carolina and ultimately as head of the U.S. Postal Service, was bolstered for more than a decade by a practice that left many employees feeling pressured to make political contributions to GOP candidates — money DeJoy later reimbursed through bonuses, former employees say.

“Five people who worked for DeJoy’s former business, New Breed Logistics, say they were urged by DeJoy’s aides or by the chief executive himself to write checks and attend fundraisers at his 15,000-square-foot gated mansion beside a Greensboro, N.C., country club. There, events for Republicans running for the White House and Congress routinely fetched $100,000 or more apiece.

“Two other employees familiar with New Breed’s financial and payroll systems said DeJoy would instruct that bonus payments to staffers be boosted to help defray the cost of their contributions, an arrangement that would be unlawful.”

Larger scale, of course, than D’Souza who is a petty crook, but it’s the same crime, using straw men to make donations to political campaigns. Pressuring someone to make a contribution is not illegal; paying them back is.

Your move, North Carolina AG Josh Stein (D). Oh, wait:

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4 Responses to Louis DeJoy: One-Man Crime Wave

  1. MDavis says:

    So he’s waiting for what, results, maybe to decide what to do?


    • tengrain says:

      My guess is that ol’ Josh is reaading the article and figuring out how to find out the journalists sources without doing something that would violate the First Amendment.

      Our pals at Electoral vote say:

      And another little problem: Not only does this violate federal law, but it also violates North Carolina state law (to which presidential pardons don’t apply). And there is no statute of limitations. And more oops: North Carolina’s AG is a Democrat, Josh Stein. Given this rather large hint from the Post, Stein now knows where to dig, should he be so inclined. Furthermore, while it would be unethical for the reporters to tell Stein who their sources were, telling him which public records of campaign donations they looked at would not be. They’re public, after all. Would the pressured employees who are no longer with the company be willing to do some bean spilling? Your guess is as good as ours.

      I think that’s exactly right.



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  2. I read about this yesterday but did not know that this was also illegal under state law, and thus immune to Low Barr’s inevitable refusal to uphold the federal laws. (for Republicans only)

    [does happy dance]

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