How Does The 2020 Goat Rodeo End?

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac leads their morning email thingie with an accurate summary of the political state of play this Labor Day Weekend (they left out the Trump-Virus itself, not sure why, but of course it is the context for a lot of what ails us [see what I did there?!]):

AS SUMMER FADES, with Labor Day marking the traditional onset of the general election, back-to-school season and autumn, it’s worth asking: Do any of the assumptions about how this is supposed to work still hold?

MILLIONS OF AMERICANS are working from home, forced to juggle Zoom calls with the office while essentially homeschooling their children. And those are just the parents who have the luxury of working remotely: For vast swaths of the country, the economic crisis has meant a daily battle to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

A PROTEST MOVEMENT that began over police brutality and systemic racism is struggling to gain traction on its core goals, with reform efforts stalling and frustration sometimes boiling over on the streets. Armed groups are provoking dangerous confrontations while frazzled and embattled police look on helplessly. Rioters and looters are taking advantage of the chaos.

OUR VOTING SYSTEM has come under attack from a president who sows doubts about voting by mail and claims, without evidence, that his opponents are trying to steal the election. Democrats seem frozen: Do they reassure Americans that their votes will count, or sound the alarm over what they see as a fiasco in the making?There’s a very real possibility that roughly half the country will reject the November results as illegitimate.

THE TRUTH IS that few of us have any idea what the next few months will hold. Will the virus, which is still killing hundreds of Americans every day, come roaring back? Will the government identify a vaccine by Election Day, and would that change any votes? Can we even trust the polls when it’s hard to say who a “likely voter” is during a pandemic? When will our lives go back to normal?

I take some exception to the notion that Democrats seem frozen.

Republicans are strangely convinced that the election is rigged against The Russian Usurper, and Democrats actually have hard proof that the Republicans ARE already stealing it, between the eff’ery in Georgia and the dismantling of the USPS; Lord Damp Nut hisself instructing his doomsday cult followers to vote twice is felonious, but no one is arresting him.

We have no idea what the exciting conclusion of the 2020 Goat Rodeo is going to be, but I don’t think that there is any doubt that close to half the country is going to doubt it one way or the other. The only thing I can hope for is that such an overwhelming majority throws the bums out up and down the ticket that it cannot be disputed as anything other than a mandate, but I think that is unlikely: Prznint Stupid’s base is amazingly resilient; they don’t even seem to care about suckers and losers.

Putin won in 2016 and installed a chaos agent; this will not end without chaos.


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2 Responses to How Does The 2020 Goat Rodeo End?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    What the contest lacks is “willing losers.” I expect the division to be in thirds: two-thirds will refuse to accept a loss, split evenly between Red and Blue, while the final third won’t know what to think, or how to act, or even react, with most of those refusing to join the fray.
    What’s especially worrisome is the fact that the majority of votes cast in the East and the South will be in-person voting, and will be overwhelmingly Rethuglicon, so the initial results will show a tRump lead, and it will only become a close contest when the Left Coast’s “live ballots” are counted, leaving the mail-ins to be added later. I expect LDN to issue an EO on Nov 4th, calling for all ballots to be counted, and the results tabulated in a week’s time, which will likely be backed up by Bully Billy, and The Supremes, even though such a requirement would be impossible to contend with in most locations, due to a lack of manpower, which itself is due to budget cuts. And even though a majority of poll-workers are volunteers; the officials who do the actual tabulating are paid, and there are fewer of them this year than in any previous election, and if you throw in the possibility of tRump’s “election guards” tossing out numerous boxes of obvious Dim ballots, then the scenario becomes even more frightening, if that’s possible.

    Plus, he could simply declare himself winner, and refuse to leave, and if the military doesn’t intervene, then it’s possible we could be in for a lifetime of tRumps in the White House. Or at least until every last penny has been sucked out of every last resource, such as the USPS’s retirement fund, and the Soc Sec/Medicare Trust Funds, along with all the gold that’s in Fort Knox.

    After all that, who would even want to preside over such a shithole country?

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    • julesmomcat says:

      If he does as you say, DC, our democracy is already swirling down the sewer, never to be seen again. As I noted previously, my 45 AmRev Patriot ancestors are spinning in their graves.

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