Nation Shocked: Trump Lies About Trump-Virus Again

This is an evergreen story:

Fauci unsure what Trump means by saying the country is ’rounding the corner on the virus’

(CNN)Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday that he’s not sure what President Donald Trump meant when he said earlier that evening that the country is “rounding the corner” on the coronavirus pandemic.

Bold Guess: Rounding the corner means going into a dark alley. But I interrupted

“I’m not sure what he means,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN’s Jim Acosta on “The Situation Room.”

What he means, Dr. Fauci, is that Prznint Stupid is lying again. At our current rate, by January 2021 we will have 410, 450 dead Americans, and if Comrade Stupid has his way (pretend everything is “normal,” whatever that is) we will have 620,028 dead.

But the good news is that if everyone masks-up and does all the other recommended protocols only 286,404 people will have died.

Jeebus, we’re totally eff’ed in the dark.

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8 Responses to Nation Shocked: Trump Lies About Trump-Virus Again

  1. Redhand says:

    I’m betting we’ll easily reach 200,000 dead by election day. As of today, over 187,000 per CNN’s summary page.


  2. Redhand says:

    Gah! CHH = CNN. Fix it if you have time, oh Webmaster.

    And, OT, give us your opinion of, please.


    • tengrain says:

      Redhand – fixed.

      Disqus is a fine tool, but WordPress does not allow it. I keep trying to find a way to allow everyone to edit their comments, to no avail.




  3. Stony Pillow says:

    The media hype sells us Dr. Fauci as the truth-teller, and the final arbiter of whether the November 1st announcement of Our Savior is, in fact, bogus.

    Before you buy, remember the February 3, 2003 speech of Colin Powell before the UN Security Council. That was long ago, but I’m truly ashamed to say I bought that bill of goods, mostly because I bought the hype about Powell’s objectivity and patriotism. Much to her credit, Mrs. Pillow did not, and was antiwar from before “shock and awe”. I caught up with her a few months later.

    Pig Eyes has corrupted the CDC, the FDA, and HHS. He’s also is a desperate man, and will do anything to run out the Statutes of Limitations. I have no idea what he will try to coerce or convince Dr. Fauci to bend the facts under such pressure. But I do know that he’s eventually trashed the careers and reputations of everyone who’s had the misfortune or bad judgment to work for him, mostly because of this type of situation.

    I’ll be convinced it’s safe and effective when the European Medicines Agency says it’s safe and effective.


    • So far he’s the only one who has consistently told us what the science at the time says. He’s publicly said he regrets the early advice that people didn’t need to wear masks and that we should have been doing so. So yeah, I trust what he says. No one else on the “task force” is, and it’s evident by the way the Administration has largely sidelined him.

      I think even trump realizes you cannot fire the pre-eminent infectious diseases expert in the country and get away with it, which is why Fauci is still around.

      Masks and social distancing are all we have now. It’s impossible to trace and isolate, there are too many cases…we’re still posting ~40K cases daily. And that’s with reduced testing because of the Mango Shitgibbon throwing as much sand and rocks into the gears as he can.


  4. Infidel753 says:

    not sure what President Donald Trump meant when he said earlier that evening that the country is “rounding the corner”

    Probably something very similar to “circling the drain”.

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  5. roket says:

    Many people are saying that when Preznint ShitForBrains talks about rounding the corner he’s referring to there being a climax in the very near future. Ride em cowboy.


  6. H-Bob says:

    Wasn’t Herbert Hoover always insisting that “Prosperity is just around the corner”?


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