Hey Possum Hollar…

Banking News

you got eff’ed by your cult leader!

“President Trump was proudly litigious before his victory in 2016 and has remained so in the White House. But one big factor has changed: He has drawn on campaign donations as a piggy bank for his legal expenses to a degree far greater than any of his predecessors.

“Mr. Trump’s tendency to turn to the courts — and the legal issues that have stemmed from norm-breaking characteristics of his presidency — helps explain how he and his affiliated political entities have spent at least $58.4 million in donations on legal and compliance work since 2015.”

Aren’t you glad you turned over your savings to the King of the Grifters to use to pay off pornstars to keep their mouths shut?

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4 Responses to Hey Possum Hollar…

  1. sos says:

    Well, that was a waste. Cletus coulda’ got his tooth fixed.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I have it on good authority, from reliable sources, that Walmart, Inc., will soon be opening a string of low-cost dental clinics throughout the south, modeled after their highly-successful optometry depts. And in several states, notably KY, TN, MO, LA and FL, they will also offer an “express lane,” for those folks who have 12 teeth or less. Or fewer.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    Getting effed by him was the goal. They knew it would piss off one of the libs, somewhere.


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