A Metaphor for Our Times

Exciting News From Captain Stupid!

Oh, did it ever make the news, lady:

“At least four boats sank at an event promoted as a Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday.

“The Sheriff’s Office in Travis County received “multiple” calls of boats in distress starting at 12:15 p.m. local time… Firefighters pulled some people out of the water.”

UPDATE 1: Fox News(!) Reports!



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11 Responses to A Metaphor for Our Times

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “After they were rescued, the boaters who had suffered the tragedy were fed at a nearby Fish-n-chips takeout joint, thereby fulfilling the prophesy from the Buybull, about apostles being rescued, and then how the throngs were fed by only a few loaves & fishes.

    They could have had Cheddar Bay Biscuits, if they’d gone to Dead, er, Red Lobster. Instead, it being Texas and all, they had to settle for Wonder Bread.

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  2. RWW says:

    First thing these distressed Goopers did was call on the Government for help.

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  3. donnah says:

    I have to admit, I LOL’d. Yes, I’m a bad person.

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  4. M. Bouffant says:

    “What a site to see at least three to four hundred boats. See if it make news today!”

    Quite a “site”, alright. Literate as all get out. But it did maked the news.

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  5. spotthedog says:

    Didn’t take long for Nancy’s hair to be forgotten.

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  6. buckobear says:

    Wanna bet alcohol was involved???

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  7. purplehead says:

    That’s one of Brent Terhune’s best yet. Poor fellow. Losing his SS MAGAritaville like that. Heeee!

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  8. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    The MAGA morons are going down with the Shit,

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  9. spotthedog says:

    Just now noticing Sully Sullenberger’s trashing of Trump, maybe he could give the boaters some tips on how to stay afloat.

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