She Seems Nice

That genteel southern lady gives us the update on her good, christianess:


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Former White House Colleague a ‘Foulmouthed Jew’

I guess the publication didn’t have enough room for the full quote of what she called her former White House colleague Josh Raffel, which was, “liberal, aggressive, foulmouthed Jew from New York City.”

But you know she’s bigger than that, and with Jeebus as her shepherd, she learned to love the foulmouthed Jew from New York City in the finest Souther Baptist, “Your father is a drunk and your mother is a slut, but let’s be friends” way:

“He was a liberal, aggressive, foulmouthed Jew from New York City who had spent most of his career working in Hollywood. I was pretty much his total opposite,” she wrote in the book, according to Jewish Insider.

Sanders also wrote that “despite our differences, I had grown to love Josh. He is one of the funniest people I know, intensely loyal, and probably the most talented communications strategist I’ve ever worked with. Nobody in the White House could work a story better than Josh, and he was always one of the first colleagidues [sic] I turned to for help on the toughest assignments.”

“Bless his heart,” she didn’t add.

It’s in the same vein as Lord Damp Nut praising his accountants,

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

It’s the  ol’ but you’re so good at this trope.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Fran)

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  1. roket says:

    Sorry, hun. You’re still a tool in LDN’s eyes. In fact, he was heard saying, “She’s sitting on a goldmine and doesn’t even know it,”

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  2. MDavis says:

    No surprise that she considers “liberal” an insult.

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