Remember That Time Cadet Bone Spurs…

A point I had already forgotten.

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  1. Hey, let’s be correct now…he did say he didn’t like American soldiers who were losers.


    (and I’m still stunned that he would ask “who were the ‘good guys’ in WWI”.

    I know the answer to that is “None of them, Katie” because WWI was the death throes of the Old World order, brought about by Inbred cousin royal idiots in power ordering inbred upper-class morons to go to war over an absurdly stupid and rigid alliances with no meaning, gleefully joined with the Greatest Scientific Advances In Slaughtering People the Industrial Revolution could produce…to slaughter millions of people in a war that ground to a standstill in the smoking bloody ruins of Europe with the battle lines almost exactly where they started.

    but there’s no way in HELL Trump has the slightest inkling of that. He probably just thought the guys with the spiked helmets were cooler…)

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    • spotthedog says:

      AND his apparent lack of understanding of the significance of Pearl Harbor, no doubt there’s many more insulting examples of his abominable absence of basic US history, that one just popped into my memory.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      And the resulting crises were put to good use as a good excuse to carve up the Ottoman Empire, which helped to foster divisions amongst allies during WW II, and which tribal tensions continue to be fought over, right up to our current-day dilemmas in the Middle East and environs.

      Which brings me to another salient point: remember how tRump couldn’t understand why we didn’t just take over the oil fields in Iraq, since we were the obvious victors, and to the victors go the spoils? And how he kept bragging about how he was going to do exactly that? How they OWED us that much, at the very least?

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      • I had a very subversive history teacher in High School who went through most of this, eating us how WWII was pretty much a direct result of WWI, which was pretty much a direct result of old dynastic struggles coupled with a complete ignorance of what modern warfare could do. He was also the first adult to show us Guernica and this:

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      • Our teacher was actually “teaching us” not “eating us”

        The management regrets the errors…


  2. Dimitrios says:

    Just tell Trump that the British Empire, the French Empire, the Russian Empire and Rumania were on one side while the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire and the German Empire, and eventually, the Americans were on the other.

    Then stand back and let him try to pick out which were “the good guys.”

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    Lord Dampnut’s confusion about WWI may be the result of his German heritage. His Klansman daddy explained it all to him.


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