Report: Devin Nunes Was On Thug Plane

(File Photo of Young Devin Nunes, undated)

The Daily Beast reports (with a sub-head of ‘Makes Sense’) that Rep. Devin Nunes was on the mysterious plan with Antifa ninjas!

Devin Nunes May Be Trump’s ‘Person’ Who Witnessed the Antifa Plane ‘Firsthand’

“So, these people that descended on Washington, D.C., most of them were not local,” Nunes declared. “In fact, I flew in with a bunch of them where I got on a plane in Salt Lake City where I had to commute through and I saw maybe two dozen BLM people.”

Nunes continued: “The irony is they were all white people, they weren’t even Black, but somebody was paying for those people to go there—they were coordinated, paying for that, and then what they did was they were not protesting. This is not protesting when you block the exits of the White House.”

Neither Nunes’ office nor the White House returned a request for comment. But the congressman’s interview with Breitbart represents a type of missing puzzle piece to the mystery of just where Trump got the idea of an antifa plane packed with geared-up looters.

And we have video!

It’s a wonder he de-planned alive!

I hope that the Antifa ninja who filmed this moo’ed at him the entire trip.

Meanwhile… Tiger Beat on the Potomac picks up the thread in their morning email thingie!

BARR TRIES TO EXPLAIN THE THUGS ON AIRPLANES THING to WOLF BLITZER on CNN: BLITZER: “In an interview this week, the president claimed that he heard about a plane, in his words loaded with thugs wearing dark uniforms from a certain city that was headed to the Republican National Convention here in Washington, in his words, to do big damage. He didn’t offer any specifics. He later the next day changed this story, the plane wasn’t coming to Washington, it was leaving Washington. Have you asked the FBI to investigate this?”

BARR: “I don’t have to ask the FBI because we received numerous reports of individuals coming from Portland, Washington, Seattle and several other cities to come into Washington for the specific purpose of causing a riot.” BLITZER: “Were they wearing black uniforms and were they loaded, if you will?”

BARR: “I think there were many on planes. We’ve received multiple reports on this topic.” BLITZER: “And so what the president was talking about was information that you provided the president –” BARR: “I don’t know what the president was specifically referring to … but I will say that we are trying to follow these things and we receive numerous reports of people coming from other cities into Washington, as we receive many reports of people going into Kenosha from various states.”

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8 Responses to Report: Devin Nunes Was On Thug Plane

  1. sos says:

    Funny Devin was unable to get a picture of said “thugs”, evidence! I suppose it’s tough to operate the camera with hooves though.


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  2. roket says:

    I’m willing to wager mass quantities of quatloos that the odds are that if there are any thugs coming and going from DC they have an R behind their name.

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  3. Redhand says:

    It’s past comedy at this point. These imbeciles are elected representatives in the United States Government.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      yeah- I never really found any of this funny. These assholes are fucking it all up for everyone and then they will simply leave while the rest of us have to live with the mess they have made. not. funny.


  4. There was a large peaceful Civil Rights gathering set for the “Mall” in D.C, and that attracted attendees from all over the country, but none of them ever received their travel vouchers from George Soros. I guess George just forgot.

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  5. Karla says:

    If you’re awful enough to get Wolf Blitzer to push back on your, YOU ARE AWFUL!!


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