Trump’s Kenosha Trip Report

Prznint Stupid flew to Kenosha, where he made no pretense of calling for healing or unity and made no plans to meet with Jacob Blake’s family.

Instead, Stupid had this take on systemic police violence:

“They call it choking. It happens.”

It was essentially a trip looking for a photo-op, and no legit photo-ops were available so Lord Damp Nut waddled around in his ridiculous lifts, praised the police, and offered them a pot of Ameros.


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8 Responses to Trump’s Kenosha Trip Report

  1. vincelamb says:

    One of the reactions to the photo of Trump shuffling through Kenosha was from a fellow who makes YouTube videos about Disney World. He tweeted: “When you’re too short to ride Splash Mountain so you steal mom’s high heels & long pants.” He zoomed in on Trump’s shoes to make the point.

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    • tengrain says:

      When you consider how high the visible part of that heel is, and then know that the lifts go right up to the top of the ankle bit, it’s no wonder that this douche cannot walk down a ramp. He really is wearing pumps.



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  2. roket says:

    Let’s run with this, shall we?

    Yeah. The cop who killed George Floyd chocked. For 8 minutes & 46 seconds.

    The cop who shot Jacob Blake chocked. Seven times in rapid succession in the back.

    There’s more but this is too depressing for me.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    They choke sometimes, they shoot sometimes and sometimes they just beat you with clubs.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He destroyed Atlantic City in the 90s, now it’s Kenosha’s turn.


  5. And to top it all off, his photo op with the ‘owner’ of the camera shop that burned…was a lie. That was not the owner…the actual owner refused to let trump use him, so they rounded up the former owner of the shop and claimed “his shop had burned down”…


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The percentage you’re paying is too high a price
    While you’re living beyond all your means
    And the man in the suit has just bought a new mistress
    From the profit he’s made on your dreams
    But today you just read that a black man was shot dead
    By a cop that thinks it’s still cool
    But it wasn’t the bullet that laid him to rest was
    The low spark of a high-heeled fool

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