Stable Genius Denies Everything (Confirmations)

Stable Jenius

You can check: no media source claimed he had a series of mini-strokes, so, uh…


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11 Responses to Stable Genius Denies Everything (Confirmations)

  1. well, HE doesn’t remember having a stroke, so… there was just that time he kept smelling toast….

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  2. Lawrence O’Donell introduced his Trump Tweet Rule last night over this. If you assume that whatever trump tweets about something is the opposite of realty you’ll be correct far more often than you’re wrong.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Besides, tRump would have nothing to do with “mini-strokes.” A full-blown “maxi” stroke is what’s called for, in keeping with his stature. Or perhaps a grand mal seizure is in order.

    LDN does NOT bother with trifles….

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  4. Nangleator says:

    “And it’s total nonsense that I love to lick dyspeptic goat anus! There’s absolutely no proof of that!”

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    I had the best stroke. The BEST! THAT I can tell you!


  6. He’s going to have the stroke sued for breach of its NDA.

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  7. MDavis says:

    Well – that’s one question answered.


  8. Perturbation says:

    Some say, lots of people are saying, you’re saying, they say “Sir! Sir, Joe Biden is swallowing handfuls of Sudafed and snorting long lines of Adderall and cocaine so he doesn’t look like an addled old man with a hefty sack of cottage cheese hidden in his golf pants! Sir!” They’re saying that. You should look into it.


    • Perturbation says:

      And these are big, tough guys, they don’t have any cottage cheese hidden in their trousers at all, but they have a tear in their eye and they say “SIR! Joe Biden covets my ice cream bar! I’ve had it since I was a child!”


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