Bill Bar Blows, Part Infinity

Bill Barr Blows

According to ABC News, Comrade AG Bill ‘Lowski’ Barr, is raising concern again:

Barr’s removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns

Current and former national security officials are raising concerns over Attorney General William Barr’s recent decision to remove the head of a Justice Department office that helps ensure federal counterterrorism and counterintelligence activities are legal – and replace him with a political appointee with relatively limited experience.

Raising concern, he’s raising the hair on the back of my neck!

For much of the past decade, that little-known office has been led by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brad Wiegmann, a 23-year career public servant, not a political appointee. But two weeks ago, Wiegmann, 54, was told he is being reassigned and replaced with a political appointee, according to a Justice Department spokesman and sources familiar with the matter.

Let me guess: someone who will be loyal to Lord Damp Nut and the Kremlin?

Mulligan and other sources told ABC News that the new head of the office is 36-year-old Kellen Dwyer, a cyber-crimes prosecutor who joined the federal government six years ago and made international headlines in November 2018 when he accidentally revealed that federal charges had been secretly filed against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

That’s not going to sit will with Roger Stone! But I interrupted.

The timing of the personnel change – coming just two months before the U.S. presidential election, and in the midst of a battle against domestic terrorism and foreign interference in the election – has worried current and former members of the national security community.

So, get rid of the experienced guy, bring in the noob who has a record of “oops” moments and let the chips fall where they may. Got it.

Bill Bar is the best AG that the Kremlin ever had.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    We really don’t have a functioning government anymore, do we? At least beyond governing their own wealth and power and hiding their criminal excesses. It’s gone, pfuuut.


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