The Morning Quote(s)

Blow is an expression Ivanka.

Comrade Stupid:

“You know, I want to see the first woman president also, but I don’t want to see a woman president get into that position the way she’d do it, and she’s not competent.”

“They’re all saying ‘we want Ivanka,'” Trump added, motioning to the crowd and eliciting loud cheers. “I don’t blame them.”

Which brings us our other morning quote, courtesy of Mary Trump:

President Trump‘s niece, Mary Trump, on Friday revealed audio recordings that reportedly capture Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, swiping at the president’s children, Ivanka and Eric Trump

“That damn Ivanka puts this picture of the Madonna and Child on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families. I couldn’t blame … I’d never heard of Samantha Bee before. I couldn’t blame what she said.”

“Meanwhile, Eric’s become the moron publicly. Ivanka gives a s–t. She’s all about her,” Trump Barry says.

Mary Trump is then heard in the audio saying: “Yeah, she’s a mini-Donald.”

“She’s a mini-Donald but yet he’s besotted with her. He always has been,” Trump Barry responds. “She’s always been his favorite.”

Pretty apt summary.

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6 Responses to The Morning Quote(s)

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    His favorite…….lap-dancer?

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  2. Ava Middleton says:

    And did you see the look melanoma gave her when ivanka walked up to the podium during RNC’s ending????? Melanoma HATES her guts.


    • MDavis says:

      The only thing I’ve seen is the dress, Mel’s dress. I had to go look for that one – and I’d take bets on whether she did that on purpose. “You can make me come to convention with you, hold your stupid hand and even smile, but you can’t stop me from giving people the green screen meme machine they want, donald.”

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  3. roket says:

    Opportunites lost. He could have appointed Ivanka VP during the Great RNC Campaign Rally and then resigned right after he was reelected. Dumbasses.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    The concept of dying her roots must fly right over her head.

    Bless her little heart.

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