(UPDATED) We Got Numbers!


So, despite all the fawning from our failed political press, the final viewer numbers from last night’s Tumper-pa-looser is in:

So comparing all days, the DNC beat the RNC significantly (except oddly enough the weird Day 2 RNC when Prznint Stupid pulled so many stunts). I’d like to think that this shows the enthusiasm (and numbers) are NOT on the side of Team Evil, but I have to assume some portion of the numbers are hate-watchers.

If I find more detailed break-outs, I’ll update.

UPDATE 1: Brian Stelter CNN’s Reliable Sources

Fox News had by far the biggest audience of any channel on Thursday night, with upwards of 9 million viewers.

So… out of the 22 million viewers on 6 networks, 40+% came from Fox. This tells me that Lord Damp Nut is not winning new supporters; that was his base.

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5 Responses to (UPDATED) We Got Numbers!

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    After watching train wrecks for four straight years Americans are now jaded enough to be able to look away.

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  2. donnah says:

    I hope Mr Viewership Ratings has indigestion for a month.


  3. paul fredine says:

    gotta admit that despite myself i was a hate-watcher but found i could only endure maybe 10 minutes at a time (depending on who was talking) and usually much less, especially during the acceptance speech. during that it was at most a few seconds, just enough to say out loud “is he still talking?”


  4. beckymaenot says:

    I didn’t hate watch- I just can’t with the Dolt45 base.

    However- here in REDSTATEHELL- I’m beginning to feel a little hopeful that the base is NOT as large as we thought.

    Numerous people that I know to be lifelong republican voters have indicated to me that they are going to vote for Biden in November. These are neighbors- people I have known for 16 years but don’t really talk politics with- they are Red, I am Blue- we have agreed to disagree. They are going out of their way to speak to me and signal that they are NOT on board with Dolt45.

    Just yesterday afternoon- one very devout Christian couple from up the street- recently retired, looking forward to their first grandkid- stopped by my driveway on their way to the grocery- to tell me they like my Biden/Harris sign ( I made it myself- humblebrag) and tsk tsk’d over the RNC Whitehouse Jamboree. Disgraceful is the word they used. Their word- not mine. Then, they both said they were not only voting for Biden- but also voting against every R on the down ticket. I didn’t bring it up- they did. I was flatly astounded.

    I think he’s actually gone too far and real people who aren’t lobotomized from FoxNews are waking up the the hellscape they have created and are ready to end it. They are wearing masks and staying home because they are not stupid and they believe in science. They may have voted for him last time because it’s what good Republicans did- but now that LDN has shown them that he doesn’t care if they live or die- they are paying attention and they are not going to vote against self interest. Hopefully its a large enough segment of people to make a difference. I mean- we only need what, 10% of previous LDN voters to turn? I’m seeing it and it’s making me feel better about November.


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