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“It is what it is” is now policy, I guess? It sure sounds like The Fourth Reich has given up.

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  1. E.A. Blair says:

    I saw a video of the mass of maskless deplorables seated on the south lawn, and one of the tiny voices in my head said, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if some of those people came away from there with the coronavirus?” and another tiny voice said, “Yeah, it’d be a shame that all of ’em didn’t get it”

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  2. Perturbation says:

    I saw a similar notion in a headline about reopening schools/colleges/universities. We need to reopen now cus hey we’re all getting it eventually.

    Herman Cain died after Trump’s last campaign event. Who’s next, folks? Step right up, step right up! Take your spin on the Wheel O’ Trump. Sure, one of the prizes is a slow death sucking on a ventilator, but everybody’s gotta die sometime.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    “If ya get it, ya get it; if ya live, ya live, but if ya die ya die.”

    Hard to fault that kind of logic….but with an attitude like that, it makes me wonder: neither LDN nor Pence have caught it yet, despite numerous encounters with carriers and folks who later died, so do they have something that gives them an edge, or do they even have some type of powerful preventative? Because there was an article in today’s paper about how so many Secret Service agents have caught it, that their ranks are thinned to the point of it becoming a danger to the preznit. (Insert wishful thoughts here.)

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  4. E.A. Blair says:

    My doctor determined that I have a natural immunity to COVID-19, but it can only be transmitted sexually.

    Line forms to the left, folks.

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  5. Perturbation says:

    Testing for me, but not for thee.

    Earlier in the late spring/early summer when states were struggling to get tests and begging the administration to help, the White House was hoarding thousands of those rapid tests that give a result in 15-30 minutes, and every WH staffer was getting one every day. They’ve since stopped doing that, but as yastreblansky said, Trump and Pence get them weekly and anyone Trump or Pence wants to do a photo op with gets one. That’s how Screwy Louie found out he was infected, for example.

    Regarding the masks, I’ve read a couple recent articles indicating that wearing a mask does also provide some personal protection. Even if you’re not wearing an N95 mask that can filter out enough virus to keep you from getting infected at all, if you’re mask is filtering out a portion of the virus you might be exposed to, you’re more likely to get an asymptomatic or mild case. If your initial virus dose is in the millions, it will take off and do a number on you before your immune system even knows what’s going on; if your dose is in the hundreds or thousands, the virus can get a foothold but is less likely to truly take off before your immune system can respond to it. I wish we could get that message to Possum Hollar, because those people can at least appreciate self-interest, even if Real Murikans think wearing a mask to protect others is just for libtards.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    A Fox talker has referred to negative comments about the maskless mass gathering as “crowd-shaming”. Read on C&L, I don’t watch Fox.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    An incident yesterday: Called a plumber to install a reverse osmosis drinking system. Guy came in wearing a mask under his nose. The Bride pointed to her nose, he said he can’t breathe with a mask, got agitated, hollered something about Covid-19, then stomped out, slamming the door on his way out.

    Looking for another plumber.


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