America In Mourning: BS Barbie Quits White House

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Bruce388)

The LATimes email thingie informs us:

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s most influential and longest-serving advisors, is expected to speak at the convention but announced Sunday that she would be leaving the White House at the end of the month to focus on her children. Her husband, George Conway, also announced that he was taking a leave of absence from Twitter and the anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) adds this gracenote:

“The Conways had spent years engaged in a public feud over Trump: Kellyanne Conway defended him on regular TV appearances, and George Conway skewered him on Twitter and in op-eds. But their public fighting took its toll on the couple’s four children, including 15-year-old Claudia.

Lord Damp Nut also released yesterday the speakers for the RNC, or whatever we are calling it now that the RNC doesn’t have a platform and only exists for The Donald, and The Honorable Kellyanne was listed as a speaker. Imma guess there’s gonna be a Magic Sharpie strikethrough. But I digest….

In probably not unrelated news, Claudia Conway:

I don’t know their family dynamics, but I’m gonna guess that Claudia won this negotiation.

Any guesses who is going to step into Kellyanne’s pumps to be the new Mildred Gellars? Maybe Junior Mints’s emotional support cougar can pick up another paying gig for a few months?



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8 Responses to America In Mourning: BS Barbie Quits White House

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    The engraved invitations to the “best parts” of the RNC conflagration, er, Conference, er, Convention read:
    “If you ain’t been indicted,
    You ain’t invited.
    Parole Officers are acceptable as ‘special guest.’ “

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  2. donnah says:

    I could pretend to take the high road and say I am glad Kelly Anne has left the administration because her kids needed her. I’m actually glad she’s leaving because she’s a deceitful, corrupt, manipulating harpy who helped the Trump Administration steal the election, pushed out lies, and orchestrated chaos in order to further the career of a sociopath as well as her own. She helped make Trump who he is and she should live out the rest of her miserable life in shame, not contentment.

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  3. spotthedog says:

    For decades Republicans have deemed themselves the morally superior party of “family values” and liked to claim exclusive ownership of that phrase. Refreshing to see they can be as dis-functional as anybody. But, as always with that bunch, who knows the real story.

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  4. roket says:

    This is good news for Barron VonTrump.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    In my early morning blizzard of emails, there was something about Kellyanne going on Morning Joe to sing Lord Dampnut’s praises, then when the red light went off, she’d say she needed a shower.

    Thanks to Kellyanne we’ll always have “alternative facts.”

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  6. MDavis says:

    Best comment I found.


  7. paul fredine says:

    the simple fact she’s leaving before the election makes me think she sees the writing on the tombstone and doesn’t want to get buried with cheetolini but it’s a matter of way too little, way, way, way too late. her epitaph will always begin with ‘alternative facts’ and she;ll be interrupting and argumetatively talking over the eulogy all the way to the last flush.

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