Marked Undeliverable: Name Must Be A Typo

Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever Steve Mnuchin and his villainess wife, Craven Moorehead

Well, this is interesting:

Mnuchin’s role in postmaster’s appointment becomes target

The treasury secretary held a series of one-on-one meetings with members of the Postal Service Board of Governors before Louis DeJoy’s appointment.

“…Because Mnuchin’s meetings were private one-on-one discussions, they were not subject to the Government in the Sunshine Act, which requires that federal agency meetings be disclosed to the public. Yet many on the board were aware of the get-togethers, one person said. Mnuchin was requesting briefings before a decision was made, which the person called ‘unusual.’ There was also discussion with Mnuchin about the ‘need to move quickly’ on a selection.”

I suppose it could all be innocent… what’s that you say, Steve?

And there’s your cover-up, if only we knew what the crime is.

And if that isn’t irregular enough, well, there’s this:

“David Williams, a former member of the Postal Service Board of Governors, which oversees USPS and selects the postmaster general, told the Congressional Progressive Caucus during a hearing that he resigned in April partly because of how DeJoy’s hiring was handled. “He didn’t strike me as a serious candidate,” Williams said of DeJoy, a former logistics executive. According to Williams, the board selected the executive search consultancy Russell Reynolds to produce a list of candidates for the position. Late in the process, however, board member John Barger suggested moving forward with DeJoy after having lunch with him. Barger and DeJoy are both Republican donors. According to Williams, it appeared that DeJoy’s name did not come from Russell Reynolds.

“The Board of Governors interviewed DeJoy twice. According to Williams, DeJoy spent the entire time during the first interview asking the board questions because he apparently was unsure whether he wanted the job. “Actually, one of the governors joked with him at the end and said that if we don’t ask him one question, it really would not qualify as an interview,” Williams recalled. The second interview went “particularly badly.” Williams said. “Barger actually helped [DeJoy] finish a number of sentences where he got stuck and in addition to that [Barger] explained to the board what Mr. DeJoy meant during the presentation.”

So DeJoy appeared out of nowhere, failed at the interview, and then ended up with the job anyway? 


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16 Responses to Marked Undeliverable: Name Must Be A Typo

  1. So DeJoy appeared out of nowhere, failed at the interview, and then ended up with the job anyway?

    ‘Merica Fuck Yeah!! meritocracy at work.

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  2. Redhand says:

    DeJoy spent the entire time during the first interview asking the board questions because he apparently was unsure whether he wanted the job.

    We can only hope he winds up bitterly regretting taking it.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    When the job is wrecking the place, failing the interview is a plus.

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  4. Diane says:

    I can hear the sucking all the way to my house.

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  5. ming says:

    Another essential agency captured and gutted. Add USPS to the stack. LDN’s backers must be thrilled, It is going to be a long rebuild.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      Yes- and we will have to fight the Republicans every step of the way. Seriously- fuck these people. The new administration better be getting ready to prosecute these assholes.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    What I think is going to happen is we’re going to elect Biden in a landslide, with overwhelming victories in both chambers, but lacking a veto-proof majority in the Senate. All of this is staying “outside” the Walls and Halls of Governance, because they’ve already told us they plan to challenge the election results, and tRump will refuse to vacate, which is why he’s triple-walled himself in there. Only Rethug Senators who remain, reelected or not, led by Moscow Mitch, will be allowed into the Capitol itself, to help validate LDN’s decision, backed by the SCOTUS, once the “Lefty-librul judges” have been arrested and replaced. He will try to govern like the crackpot tinhorn dictator-to-be he’s always envisioned himself as, but at that point, the entirety of the Federal Gov’t will likely be in shambles, and we’ll fighting Civil War 2.0, then 2.1, on up to who knows?

    Sorry to say this, but I can’t help feeling that the Death Knell for the America we thought we knew & loved has sounded, and it’s only a matter of time. I sure hope the Good Guys win.


  7. laura says:

    What! A white male union-busting GOP fuck wit failed up into a position in which he could immediately dismantle a service that has existed since before our nations founding and was enshrined in our Constitution? Unpossible.

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  8. YellowDog says:

    Failing upward. That’s the motto of this administration*. Their method is to keep searching until they find the most incompetent, amoral clown who will do what he’s told. Then toss him aside.


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