Going Up!

I missed the significance last night of Jacquelyn Brittany making the nomination of handsome Joe Biden. You see, back in January, Biden was heading upstairs to the NYTimes editorial board hoping for their endorsement, which he didn’t get, but he did get Jacquelyn’s:


In all these years of doing the blog, we’ve seen assorted politicians visiting factories, or puttin on lab coats, and marvelling at the dangerous work of blue collar workers (or, as with Poppy Bush, a grocery scanner).  The politician gets his photo-op (it is almost always a he), declares himself a champion of the people, and then goes home and the worker/prop is forgotten.

I’m a cynical OG blogger, and any other politician doing this would have made me roll my eyes; oh sure, let’s find a nobody to do the Man-of-the-People nomination!

But with Joe Biden, it was genuine. He remembered this really sweet moment  in an elevator, nothing scripted, not a photo-op, just a random encounter, and it is just so… Joe to bring her along.  Maybe I’m turning from cynical to sentimental in my dottage, but knowing the backstory has genuinely moved me.

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  1. sos says:

    (or, as with Poppy Bush, a grocery scanner)

    Or, LDN, with the devilishly complex umbrella! “Foiled again!”

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The one thing that Biden has always exhibited is empathy. The man has suffered incredible losses, and his suffering has made him value the lives of others. He may be a gaffe machine, but I’ve never heard him misspeak at a memorial.

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  3. (or, as with Poppy Bush, a grocery scanner)

    As a leftie who is constantly pushing myself to be fair, “Poppy and the Grocery Scanner” is as much a fiction as “Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet” Can’t complain about the one without the other.

    The scanner he was being shown was a new model that was much better at it than the ones currently in use and could read twisted, smudged or even partially destroyed barcode labels. It was a pretty amazing thing, for the time. Hos comms team fumbled that photo-op enormously, even trumpifically; it was right up there with Mike Dukakis in the tank as a fail…

    This doesn’t at all dispel the factual truth that Poppy was a treasonous out-of-touch patrician proto-fascist, tho…

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  4. Redhand says:

    For some reason, this has me a bit choked up. I just want a good, loyal, and capable American in the WH, whom I know actually gives a damn about the people who have entrusted (in this case) him with the responsibilities of the Presidency. I am so tired of enduring a wannabe Eastern European dictator, kleptocrat and criminal.

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  5. Reminds me of the story I saw elsewhere recently about Biden showing up at some old lady’s funeral. She had been one of his first supporters and contributors in a campaign long ago. He never forgot.

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  6. angry spittle says:

    How long before they fire her?


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