About Last Night…

I continue to be fascinated by what a difference the un-conventional convention makes, and I hope that this becomes the standard. One of the highlights was the nomination reel with every state and territory casting their votes.

This was a heavy instant favorite of the internet: Joe Biden’s iconic aviator glasses!

For Wyoming, the parents of hate crime victim Matthew Shepard presented the roll call vote made me gasp.

It was the breadth and depth of the roll call vote I’m going to remember fondly, not the assorted pontificating poltroons (and someone needs to get a hook to pull Bill Clinton off the national stage) with focus-group tested messages. And for Dawg’s Sake, what was up with all the eff’ing Republicans on the DNC, um, broadcast?

Give us more We The People, and less preening from the past.

The other moment that stood out was Second Lady Jill Biden’s introduction and her speech. 1) She’s always been a force of nature, her story is compelling and what an amazing First Lady she would be, and B) whoever chose to have her give her speech in an empty classroom where she once taught is a genius.

If you didn’t know, since 2009 Jill Biden has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College; before that Biden taught English and reading in high schools for thirteen years, and also taught adolescents with emotional disabilities at a psychiatric hospital.

Mother Pence teaches art at a Christian school that kicks out LGBTQ kids. Compare and contrast.

And an empty classroom is a metaphor for our time and it was not overbearing stagecraft.

And meanwhile, Scissorheads, we’re getting a peek at what next week’s RNC will bring:

As I said above, compare and contrast.

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16 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. sos says:

    Decisions, decisions for Melania. Who’s speech to heist this time?

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    • tengrain says:

      I still think she should give her speech from an empty changing room at Bergdorf’s, wearing her trademark black negligee. It is a formal occasion after all.



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    • Bruce388 says:

      I’ve seen articles alleging Melanoma isn’t campaigning for her loving hubby and loving hubby’s campaign is not happy about it.


      • sos says:


        Hallway sex, you know Mel and LDN say “fuck you” as they pass in the hallway.


      • MDavis says:

        He screwed up her sweet gig of escorting one customer with contractual limits to how often he can make demands of her.
        Now he tries to demand more and more often because of the PR he wants to make him look better for the ratings polls.
        I’d bet that she’s holding out for complete absence of his affections as the trade for her making having an aide plagiarize a speech for him.


  2. buckobear says:

    … and invite the pillow guy/poison salesman; and a pardoned war criminal; and someone to close caption Mel’s address.
    Endless possibilities.


  3. spotthedog says:

    “someone needs to get a hook to pull Bill Clinton off the national stage” – completely agree, why why why give ammo to the right?

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  4. MinuteMan says:

    I wonder if a crowd of folks just outside the white house grounds could chant sufficiently loudly to be picked up on the MangoMaggots acceptance speech audio?—lock him up!


  5. Sir Nigel says:

    Begin the countdown to the Magachurian Candidate dumping Pence for Nikki Haley. Only a few days left!


  6. H-Bob says:

    It’s great watching the YouTube feed and not having to endure the idiotic ‘analysis’ (they don’t understand that ‘analysis’ doesn’t mean pulling things out of their ass)!


    • MDavis says:

      I think it was Matthews who tried to interview Sharpton at the convention of 2004 – asked him what he thought of Obama’s speech “all that jive that Obama just said” or similar.
      I remember Sharpton shooting him a look that said “You didn’t hear a word he said, did you?”. I don’t know why Shartpon was surprised. Obama’s speech didn’t fit into the “liberal media” horse race framework, so of course Matthews paid no attention to what he said.


  7. julesmomcat says:

    “The sound of one tooth clacking from Possum Holler would be deafening.” –You’re assuming the mental midget inhabitants of Possum Holler have a dental IQ higher than -147, allowing them to have at least one tooth left. Doubtful, at best.


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