School Daze

Making America Dumb Again

NBC News:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced Monday that it was converting to all virtual classes after reporting 135 new COVID-19 cases and four clusters within a week of having started in-person classes for the fall semester — becoming the first college to send students home after having reopened.

It’s dumbfounding that they tried. Especially after this happened in Georgeduh:

Meanwhile, in the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan:

A school district in Arizona that was set to open for in-person teaching on Monday was forced to cancel all classes after teachers staged a “sickout” to protest unsafe working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

And dramatic news out of Utah(!) –

Teachers in Utah are resigning in droves over coronavirus safety concerns just days before the new school year is set to begin.

In Salt Lake County, at least 79 educators have either resigned or retired early due to fears of COVID-19 spreading in schools, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Of those resignations, at least 16 were given just last week.

I’ll be a teacher’s pet: we need to shut-down the country again and get back on track with testing and contact tracing. The sooner the better, but in the meanwhile schools need to go 100% remote. Even the WHO says that it is now young people who are driving the pandemic (tho it is the Olds who are still dying at greater numbers).

Anecdotal evidence from the People’s Republic of Seattle: on Sunday when I walked around to see if the mail collection boxes were missing (and they were, and some of those that remained were locked!), the callous Yutes of Today were waiting in lines, unmasked and un-distanced to go to brunch in the trendy restaurants in my ‘hood. Notably three sorority sisters (greek letters on tee-shirts) were walking around with their iced coffee drinks and masks fashionably draped around their necks, laughing as they plowed through the outdoor tables, doing the “Look At Me” parting of the crowds, and flicking their hair. It was quite a scene.

I swear I did not see one person under 30 wearing a mask. Depressed me like all of Hell.

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12 Responses to School Daze

  1. MDavis says:

    Overheard –
    Teacher “I’m preparing my classroom for the start of school, but I’m not spending too much since it will be closed down within a week or so.”
    Our governor is catching flak for taking anit-COVID-19 steps but does not appear to care about anything but what is epidemic experts tell him is necessary.

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  2. beckymaenot says:

    If I was a teacher- I would resign if I could. What is the point of feeling like you are putting your life at risk for a job? Specifically- a job that pays so little for so much extra effort. Jesus- it’s like we don’t care about our children or something.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      B – fortunately, that bit of “propaganda grip” is beginning to slip; that taken-for-granted axiom that all kids belong in School, which is merely another institution that prepares our Yutes for the rigors of Life, er, how to become good little consumers and drone-type workers.
      Here we’re being presented with a Golden Opportunity to challenge the Status Quo, and to completely revamp our Educational System, to help align it better with the 21st century pandemicized Lifestyle we’ve been thrust into. The 19th century style, or approach we’ve been using is sorely anachronistic, and if we don’t begin providing every child with a laptop, or Tablet, and hi-speed Internet, then we’ll just fall further and further behind the rest of the World.
      Why are we so persistent on returning to systems that were not serving us well? Because it’s really no easier than blazing new pathways and trails, and in fact, MAKES life more difficult, by having to stop, and then turn around, and go backward.

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      • beckymaenot says:

        I agree with you DC about needing to catch up. But for today- I’d settle for not killing our kids or the people who teach them.

        I have long thought that the Republican education goals have always been to weaken the public system as much as possible. It’s harder to fool well educated adults into voting against their best interest. I honestly believe the election of DT in 2016 would not have been possible if the Republicans hadn’t been gutting and sabotaging public education for 40 years.

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  3. MinuteMan says:

    After so many instances of the olds sending the yutes off to die in distant wars, it’s payback time. And in fairness, their reasons are no more frivolous than those actually behind so many of our conflicts.

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  4. StringOnAStick says:

    I just drove by CO School of Mines, a hard-core STEM school; every kid I saw was wearing a mask. It’s the opposite of a party school.

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    • Bruce388 says:

      At least the smart ones have a chance to survive, thereby improving the gene pool.

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    • ming says:

      Planet Mines is unusual in that respect. They pressure up within the first one or two days of classes and then it’s survival mode to end of the semester. Not that those kids don’t let their hair down everyone in a while. However, they know how to buckle down for a long hard effort. A mask ain’t no big deal if that is what it takes to go to class. That said, I can’t imagine that they won’t be effected by Covid-19 to some extent. I mean, really, they’re still 20-year olds, but that group probably has a better chance of making it work than most.

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  5. JDM says:

    So we’ve been tightening the screws on their salaries for, like, forever, and we up their workload, and now, when all we ask is that they risk their lives and the lives for those they care about for that now-measly salary and do they show any gratitude for our allowing them a craptastic pay, super risky job?

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    • tengrain says:

      JDM –

      When the history of essential workers of this Trump-Virus era is written, teachers need to be included. They are always on the front lines of just about everything. Yeah, they need a YUGE raise (as do grocery workers) and recognition as heroes.

      Anyone who isn’t grateful for teachers needs to spend some time in a classroom. Your brat is underfoot while you telecommute? Imagine 35 of ’em. Teachers are goddam miracles.



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