Cardi B. in Conversation with Joey B.

Joe Biden’s 2020 Goat Rodeo

This is the content I’m here for (as the kids all say):

As our nation faces two crises, COVID-19 and police brutality toward people of color, Cardi B gets real via Zoom with the man who could be our next president.

Cardi B: Oh, snap. Is this real? Hi, Biden, how are you?

Joe Biden: How are you? The name’s Joe.

CB: Well, hello there, Joe.

Cardi virtually meets Biden’s daughter, Ashley, who is a fan.

JB: You know the nickname she gave me when she was growing up? She called me Joey B. So we may be related.

And it goes on from there. This is a charming interview, and CB/JB are really good at this! Who knew?

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3 Responses to Cardi B. in Conversation with Joey B.

  1. Joe was always good at this kind of stuff and the last four years of unmitigated horror makes someone who is friendly and personable feel like a goddamn revelation…

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  2. MDavis says:

    I recall a story about a Zen master (or similar) being confronted by some young upstart trying to catch him out. The upstart told the master “I have a bird in my hand, a tiny bird. Tell me, master – is the bird alive or dead?”
    Cardi B tells Joe in this interview that she (and those she knows) want to know a pandemic timeline. “When can we stop wearing masks? When can we go back outside? When can things go back to non-pandemic standards?”
    The answer is the same for both of them.

    “The answer to that lies in your hands.”

    Difference being that the pandemic needs a coordinated response instead of a single person’s decision. And it’s tougher to have a coordinated response when the Magastani orcs are constantly being goaded into doing what is easy rather than what is right.

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