The PSA We’ve All Wanted

You don’t get much better public information than from the SF Bay Area’s own B.A.R.T. –

Sure, there might always be a Britain, but damn if Cali isn’t close to being eternal.

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8 Responses to The PSA We’ve All Wanted

  1. My friend works in maintenance on BART. In town. Just know his life is a long series of various living hells.

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  2. sos says:

    Now, filtering the FART out of BART. It does ring

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  3. spotthedog says:

    A very effective means of social-distancing, I would think.


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    A lot depends on if the filters get replaced on a regular basis, because, as we all well know, a buildup of gases in a confined area can be dangerous, and clogged filters should never be tolerated, for that very reason.

    (Except for the one between my brain and mouth – THAT one goes without any maintenance, let alone attention for months on end. You’re all well aware of the results, I’m sure.)


  5. Ten Bears says:

    What about toilet water, old unbathed lady perfume?


  6. Infidel753 says:

    Of course, a Trump-steak fart would overload and destroy the system.

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  7. Bruce388 says:

    A friend has a reputation for his ability to vent anally. At his retirement luncheon, the story was told of him and a bunch of guys riding on an NJ Transit rail car, coming home from a Yankees game. My friend cleared out the car so he and his guys had the car all to themselves.


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