Housekeeping Note

MPS World HQ

Guys –

I’m going to be filling in at Crooks & Liars this week. The regularly-scheduled blogger had a death in the family (Trump-Virus) and needed some relief.

MPS posting will probably be a little more spastic than usual, which is hard to imagine, but I just wanted you to know.

As usual, if you have any great tips about BLOG POSTS please let me know, and as much as I love Wonkette and Digby and… and… so many A-List bloggers, I really like to give a shout-out to smaller blogs that need to be discovered.

Please don’t be shy, blow your own eff’ing horn: if you write something great, let me know. While I cannot promise to use everything, I do promise to read it all. And if past is prologue (how I hate that trope) I do use a lot of tips from you guys. Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com and put MBRU as the subject, otherwise it might go unread into the spam folder.

Thanks for all you do!

The Management

PS – I’m following our pal Infidel753, so this will be a particularly challenging MBRU week!

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