Midday Palate Cleanser

“My bite is worse than my bark, Hoomin!,” Pepper yipped.

Also: look at his terrible fangs of doom! SQUEEE!

Also, part deux: I’m reading Being A Dog: Following the Dog’s Nose Into A World of Smell by Alexandra Horowitz. When you give ol’ Fido a boop on the snoot, you are touching one of the most magnificent sniffers in the world. Horowitz is a researcher at Barnard, and while this could be dry science, it is actually compelling reading. The closest analogy I can say is that dogs sense of smell is greater than our sense of vision by an order of magnitude. Horowitz is not a funny science writer like Mary Roach but this is a worthy read.

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  1. I read “Being a Dog” earlier this year. Excellent choice!

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  2. FionaHippona says:

    ok, it get that dog’s sense of smell is off the charts amaze, but why, then, oh why, do they have to stick their noses right in the poop to get a really good close up sniff?

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  3. artahzen says:

    I was able to see an exhibit about dogs and their sense of smell at the California Science Center earlier this year. It was spectacular. The IMAX movie that accompanied it was very interesting and showed how they can smell so well. I liked how some countries that have major problems with poachers use dogs to track them. The locals are afraid of German Shepard types, but love the goldens who look so friendly so they let the dogs into the community. My monster dog, Razzle the Magnificent, can smell the gophers under the ground at the park and waits for them to pop up! She can smell lizards in the ivy and the squirrels overhead on the wires. It amazes me!

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  4. donnah says:

    nom nom nom!

    Another interesting read, a fiction mystery series about bloodhounds and their amazing skills and scent tracing abilities. Written by Virginia Lanier, the titles include Death in Bloodhound Red and The House on Bloodhound Lane. Her character is a professional tracker who trains bloodhounds for search and recovery work. The stories are both informative and entertaining.

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  5. J R says:

    It was explained this way to me. If you don’t take sugar, you could smell a cup of tea or coffee and detect which one had sugar added. A dog could do the same trick with half as much sugar in an Olympic size pool. Awe-inspiring.

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  6. sos says:

    I got my ass kicked by a Chihuahua. Those little bastards are mean.

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  7. MDavis says:

    A friend of ours trains dogs. His own dog can literally smell hostility. She is effin spooky.


  8. vertalio says:

    Yeah, good read; I bought it because my dog thinks with his nose. All our other dogs were herders, so we had no clue how to manage this bundle of enthusiasm. The idea is to let your dog sniff away to their satisfaction, it helps develop the neural pathways for a different kind of intelligence, and it’s kind of fun though also terrifying; if something dies within a mile radius he’ll find it and try to eat it. Then; kisses!


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